GHS Solutions Convinced Me to Enroll and Now I’ve Been Sued. – Anne Marie

“Dear Steve,

I was contacted by GHS Solutions about 2-1/2 – 3 years ago asking me if I would like to be debt free.

I eventually gave in believing they could help me.

When I asked if I could be sued, I was told that creditors can do it and they will in very rare cases but that he really doubted it would ever happen to me because my debt wasn’t very high.

Anyway, I have been sued, twice by the same creditor. They have already put a lien on my house ($6000.00 debt). I must appear in court on November 3rd and when I sent the supplementary summons to GHS 3 weeks ago, I was told they do have legal services but I must pay $50-$100.00 additional to ask a lawyer questions before appearing in court on November 3rd.

GHS has been deducting money from my account $144.00 a month for about 2-1/2 years now. THey have already deducted their fee of about $1500.00 – 2000.00 from my account and I found only after being sued that they have not been sending any money to my creditors. They have been saving it in an account for me. This was all news to me and quite a shock. They have paid off one of my small debts (about a year ago), but I am furious that they can not help me and are actually asking for more money from me to pay for a phone call to (one of their lawyers).

I am planning on appearing in court by myself on November 3rd and just being honest about being taken by GHS. Do you feel this is a wise decision? I thought if I did that I could just start paying the creditor $144.00 a month instead of GHS and maybe they will accept that? I really can not affort a higher payment than that monthly now. Please help if you can.


Anne Marie”

Dear Anne Marie,

So here is the underlying problem. Once you stop paying your creditors the minimum contractual payment they may avail themselves of all remedies under the law and in accordance with your agreement with the creditor. No third-party debt relief intervention, besides bankruptcy, will prevent you from getting sued if that’s what the creditor wants to do.

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I’d be upset as well if I was in the same situation. Other consumers have been upset about GHS and GHS Solutions has been the focus of other lawsuits.

First, I think we need to address the debt situation and I’d like for you to click here to find a local bankruptcy attorney and consult with them about your situation. Do it today.

I would suspect the bulk of the money you’ve paid to GHS Solutions to date has been taken as fees and there is little money in your escrow account to use to settle with the creditor in question. If that’s the case your options at this point are limited. You could come to a payment arrangement with the creditor in question yourself, go to court and probably lose, or discharge your debt with bankruptcy.

If you are interested in asking GHS Solutions for a refund, you can follow this guide.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.


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5 thoughts on “GHS Solutions Convinced Me to Enroll and Now I’ve Been Sued. – Anne Marie”

  1. GHS scared me out of a lot of money and did nothing to pay down or negotiate with my creditors. I was undergoing serious medical issues that led to disability.
    How do I get my money back?

  2. I have been with GHS Solutions for 3 years now. I had a serious amount of debt. They worked very hard in getting my debt knocked down. They have been wonderful in contacting me and we keep in touch often. They have helped me very much. I only have one more year to go. It ould have taken 10 years or more to pay all creditors.

    • Glad it has worked out so far. Lets hope that no lawsuits come along from the remaining accounts. It usually is not advisable to stretch settlement out this long. I would find out what cards you still owe on and figure out a way to get them settled sooner if possible.

  3. shocked when I received a letter from a lawyer telling me I was being sued and was offering his services; I have not received any notices. But sure enough my daughter checked our local county and found out ! GHS GCS are bad for people !

  4. Being sued by one of my credit cards which GHS has not been even in contact with then, ghs told me not to answer any calls just send them any info I might get – GHS made me think that they care about their clients but no  they don’t just take your money and we could have been paying them our selves now I am in more dept – GHS takes your money someone needs to do somthing about this no good lying company pleae help.  Cathy Burns MD


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