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Scott Law Group Debt Settlement Litigation List Contains Some New Companies

The Scott Law Group in Washington State has been VERY active in going after debt settlement companies that allegedly injure consumers. It appears some new companies have been added to their list of current litigation, The new companies include FBL Associates, Lifeguard Financial, Please Reduce My Debt, and Think Outside the Box Solutions. – Source Here is the current list ... Read More »

    GHS Solutions Convinced Me to Enroll and Now I’ve Been Sued. – Anne Marie

    Ready to Collapse

    “Dear Steve, I was contacted by GHS Solutions about 2-1/2 – 3 years ago asking me if I would like to be debt free. I eventually gave in believing they could help me. When I asked if I could be sued, I was told that creditors can do it and they will in very rare cases but that he really ... Read More »

      GHS Solutions Bails on Consumers But Wants Higher Monthly Fee. – Carol

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      “Dear Steve, In the spring of 2011 I was concerned about carrying debt into my retirement. I received an unsolicited letter about a federal program that was being offered in Maryland for persons with at least $10,000 in debt. I had about $24,000 credit card debt. I was contacted by 4-5 companies, one of them was GHS Solutions. I had ... Read More »

        GHS Solutions and Global Client Solutions Named in California Lawsuit

        GHS Global California

        A California lawsuit against Global Client Solutions and GHS Solutions has just been moved to Federal Court. The case, Beck v. GHS Solutions and Global Client Solutions makes the following allegations: GHS Solutions, through its websites at ghssolutions.com and debtsettlementsource.com sold debt settlement services under the California prorating law. The Plaintiff states that after eleven months of payments and placing ... Read More »

          Bank of Oklahoma Now Named in Global Client Solution Class Action Case

          Notice of Removal

          Global Client Solutions is facing yet another class action suit. What makes this one different is that it includes the bank they ran to, Bank of Oklahoma, after they ran from Rocky Mountain Bank & Trust. Apparently Global Client Solutions is like the enchanted wand you don’t want to touch or you’ll be sucked into a lawsuit. This case is ... Read More »

            Target List of Debt Settlement Companies in Washington

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            Yesterday I published a story about The Scott Law Group in Washington that had just obtained a $1.5 million judgment personally against the owners of a now defunct debt settlement company, Debt Relief USA. Here is the current list of companies they are currently involved in debt settlement litigation against. Alliance8, Inc Amerix Corporation Ascend One Corporation CareOne Services, Inc ... Read More »

              Debt Relief Companies Targeted by Scott Law Group in Washington

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              In response to an article I posted yesterday here in which I mentioned Darrell Scott, Esq. said he was going after 16 settlement companies, a reader sent in the actual list of companies. The tipster (send in your tips here) said: “The Scott Law Group, P.S. is currently involved in debt settlement litigation involving the following companies:” Ascend One Corporation ... Read More »

                GHS Solutions Reported to Lay Off 112 Workers

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                The Sun Sentinel is reporting “GHS Solutions, a debt management company in Delray Beach, gave notice to Florida that it plans to lay off 112 employees by May 17. GHS, which also goes under the name of Full Circle Debt Relief, could not be reached Friday about the layoffs.” – Source Get Out of Debt Guy – Twitter, G+, Facebook ... Read More »

                  Global Client Solutions and Rocky Mountain Bank & Trust Still Can’t Shake Free of KY Case

                  Global Client Solutions and Rocky Mountain Bank & Trust were named in a case that had been filed back in May of 2010. The two entities have tried to get out by enforcing an arbitration clause, but the judge didn’t agree. On February 17, 2010 Judge Heyburn issued an opinion regarding the requests to dismiss GCS and Rocky on the ... Read More »

                    I Feel Like GHS Solutions Took Advantage of Me. – Lauren

                    Ready to Collapse

                    “Dear Steve, I too, like many others, feel as if I’ve been taken advantage of by GHS Solutions & was wondering if you could provide me with feedback in regard to the relevance of my complaint. In October of 2009, I had signed a contract with Global Client Solutions, GHS Solutions & Rocky Mountain Bank & Trust. Since that time, ... Read More »

                      Problems Just Keep Piling on for GHS Solutions CEO Anthony Shea

                      You can never underestimate the skills of a tipster (send in your tips here). In this case, this morning arrives more bad news for Anthony Shea of GHS Solutions. GHS Solutions was in the news yesterday when I wrote about the court in Kentucky tossing out their arbitration agreement. Well it looks like January of 2011 just isn’t the month ... Read More »

                        Global Client Solutions, GHS Solutions, Rocky Mountain Bank & Trust Get Shutdown on Arbitration. Judge Says No.

                        Back in May of 2010, Brett and Linda Davis filed a class action suit against Global Client Solutions, GHS Solutions, and Rocky Mountain Bank & Trust. The suit said: “Defendants are engaged in a continuing class-wide predatory business scheme to financially enrich themselves and defraud Kentucky Class members by violating Kentucky’s Debt Adjusting statute, Chapter 380; by the commission of ... Read More »

                          Unlicensed GHS Solutions Handing Back Lots of Cash to Idaho Residents

                          Ready to Collapse

                          GHS Solutions is handing back $303,218 to Idaho residents and paying a $15,000 bill to Idaho for penalties, attorney fees and investigative expenses. It seems that GHS Solutions was servicing Idaho residents without being licensed in the state to do so. Oops. The Idaho Statesman is reporting: Since at least July 2008, GHS Solutions provided debt-settlement services to at least ... Read More »

                            Global Client Solutions, ONB Bank and Trust, and GHS Debt Solutions Hit With Class Action Suit

                            This suit was filed on August 3, 2010 in Missouri. The Plantiff is Myra Perkins and other class participants v. Global Client Solutions, ONB Bank and Trust, GHS Solutions, and GHS Debt Solutions. The suit states: This action is brought by Plantiff on behalf of herself and a proposed class of Missouri residents who paid defendants to act as debt ... Read More »

                              Consumer Credit Counseling Service Disturbed With GHS Solutions Marketing of Debt Settlement

                              From the news story: Jennifer Wallis works at Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Central Oklahoma, and she’s always on the lookout for consumer scams. “That’s the problem I have, is tricking people into a program that’s going to damage their credit,” Wallis said. That’s exactly what Jennifer said a letter her client received is trying to do. It claims that ... Read More »

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