I’d Like a List of Reverse Mortgage Counselors to Help Me. – Pat

“Dear Steve,

70 years old, unemployed for 2 1/2 years, unemployment run out. 14 months left on mortgage, 3 credit cards in collections, 8 medications, medicare d which is going up, 2 strokes, little damage to self. have money from teaching pension going into account to pay mortgage and irs, state taxes, property, home, life, car insurance;

want to look into reverse mortgage and need a counselor. have no credit card to pay 125, have senior citizen phone with limited minutes and don’t know where to turn;


Dear Pat,

You can find a number of resources and links to reverse mortgage counselors by visiting the HUD page on Home Equity Conversion Mortgages for Seniors. There is also a tremendous about of housing counseling resources on this page as well.

You can also find contact information for non-profit agencies that are allowed to offer help on reverse mortgages by telephone. Click here for that information.

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1 thought on “I’d Like a List of Reverse Mortgage Counselors to Help Me. – Pat”

  1. help me leave the home that has a reverse mortgage on it and we are too old to keep it up anymore.  Do we have to wait until we die?  Are there any options to becoming free of this trapped feeling from taking out a reverse mortgage and becoming unable and too old to take care of the home.  There is no one to help us anymore.

    Janet Brown  email: jbrown120837@hotmail.com


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