Citi Customers First Sends Me to Consumers Alliance Processing Corp.

“Dear Steve,

I’ve been getting a bunch of calls from “Citi Customers First Messaging”. They sound very much like Citi Cards (same voice on automated system). The person who comes on starts asking for personal info “to verify your identity”, then goes into a schpiel about lowering interest rates, reducing balances, etc, and asks for a Credit Card number.

When I refused, she very graciously said, “Of course you don’t have to provide your credit card number to me. To help you feel more at ease, I’d like to forward your call to my supervisor.”

Then I got a guy who said his name was Mike Warmack and he was with “Debt Free Living”, and started into, “let me tell you who it is you’ve been talking to.” He implied that “they” (the person I was taking to) are someone at the Credit Card company, that the CC company is required to participate because of the bailout, etc. Then he talked about how terrible the CC companies are, how they got all the bailout money, etc., and now there’s a government program to reduce my interest rate, etc.

All he wants is my credit card numbers, and he can help me…
Sounds like a Phishing expedition, so I refused.

Then he told me to look up “Consumers Alliance Processing Corporation” on BB.org to find information about his company.

Only I’ve had 2 company names so far, and neither of them is Consumers Alliance Processing Corp.


Dear Ralph,

Oddly the name Care Alliance Processing Corporation has been surfacing more and more recently.

In another question that involved Care Alliance Processing Corporation and Nationwide Financial Center, I asked Care Alliance Processing Corporation if they were associated with any company that might charge the consumer and advanced fee for credit counseling help.

Consumers Alliance Processing Corporation said, “CAPC does not knowingly work with or accept referrals from any outside entity that would charge the consumer for entering into a DMP program.” – Source

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It is still not clear what the relationship is between CAPC and these other companies, like Debt Free Living. If anyone has paid a company a fee for debt help and the was sent to CAPC for services, please contact me, I’d like to know more.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.


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