Advanced Fee Loan Scams Appear to Flourish

A reader just submitted a scam report on a company called Manchester Capital Trust.

The consumer noticed that there were some similarities between the website of Manchester Capital Trust and a previously uncovered advanced fee loan scam site of Bellview Financial Group.

The submitter is correct. The two sites did use a substantial amount of the same text on the sites.

Consumers lost a significant amount of money in the advanced fee loan scam with Bellview Financial Group. The loan documents Bellview Financial Group presented appeared to be legitimate but once consumers paid advanced fees to get the loan, the participants vanished and the loan was never received.

These advanced fees were typically paid via Western Union to out of the United States locations.

The current crop of sites similar to Bellview Financial Group include:

Manchester Capital Trust – manchestercapitaltrust.com

Cornerstone State Financial – cornerstone state.com

Sanders Austin – sandersaustin.org

Wagner Grant Financial – wagnergrantfinancial.com

Wilson Thomas Financial – wilsonthomasfinancial.com

Wakefield Financial – wakefieldfinancial.net

Peachtree Capital Trust – peachtreecapitaltrust.com

South Atlantic Commerce – southatlanticcommerce.com

Nobleton Lending – nobletonlending.com

Harbor Equity Group – harborequitygroup.com

If you are thinking of using any of these companies, proceed with caution and verify they are legitimate. Do not pay any advanced fee for a loan.

Site Shots

Now, compare the above sites to the Bellview Financial Group site I previously reported on.

Not only are the sites similar, they are almost damn near identical.

Since I exposed the international connection with the Bellview Financial Group server the current servers are not located outside the U.S. In fact the server and domain information of the active sites are located at:

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Domain Created: 11-2-2011
Server Location: Massachusetts – Methuen – Peer 1 Network Inc


Domain Created: 10-17-2011
Server Location: Texas – Dallas – Theplanet.com Internet Services Inc


Domain Created: 10-17-2011
Server Location: Texas – Dallas – Theplanet.com Internet Services Inc


Domain Created: 10-17-2011
Server Location: Texas – Dallas – Theplanet.com Internet Services Inc

Company Locations and Registration

As you will see the companies could not be verified at the addresses they listed and they do not appear to be registered to do business in the states they say they are located.


1350 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10019

This company could not be located at this address.


3424 Peachtree Rd NE
Atlanta, GA 30326

This company could not be located at this address.

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1 Penn Plaza
49th floor
New York, NY 10119

This address is actually that of some law firms.


75 14th Street
Atlanta, GA 30309

This address is a huge office building, yet the company lists no further contact information to locate it in this building.

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