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A Guy is Trying to Sell Me a Motorcycle But Can’t Find Out How to Get The Lien Released. – Gilbert

“Dear Mitch,

trying to purchase a motorcycle

I am trying to buy a motorcycle that has a lien on it from Household Retail Services, the guy tells me they have been bought out, he tells me the bike is payed off, but he cant find out how to get the lien released, if i buy it without this being done will i be able to get a title for it?

Thank You


Dear Gilbert,

Household Retail Services was purchased and closed by HSBC. The seller must contact them and provide proof that the lien was paid to get it removed from the title. If has the title in his possession, the lien holder should have already signed off on the release. If he cannot locate the title with a signed off lien or the lien holder to sign a release, then he must provide proof to the state motor vehicle department that the lien was paid to get it removed. If all else fails, he has to sue the lien holder and prove to the court that the lien was paid off.

Do not buy a vehicle without proof that the lien has been paid off or without ensuring that the lien is paid off right after purchase. You will regret it.

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