Three Collection Agencies Are Trying to Collect on the Same Old Debt. – Michele

“Dear Mitch,

An old Washington Mutual account went to collection with a balance around $7k. When my situation improved I started paying the collection agency, and got about half of the debt paid off so the balance was a little over $3k. Unfortunately I had to stop payments again, and the collection agency sold the account. I haven’t paid on it since 2006 or so.

Within the past several months I’ve had at least three agencies contact me about this same account. Two of them are claiming I owe the full $7k and one is claiming the $3k balance. The most recent collection agency hired a local attorney to collect the $7k amount. I have 30 days (less now) to respond to the attorneys. I assume I should ask them to prove that I owe $7k?

How can I find out who I should be working with? I could pay the $3k now without TOO much difficulty. I just want all of this to go away. Please help.


Dear Michele,

You are in a better position than you think. Send a written dispute letter to each collection agency disputing the amount, their right to collect, and the status of the debt (it may be too old to collect now). When you get a response or if you get sued, contact a local consumer law attorney for a Fair Debt Collection Practices Act lawsuit. Clearly someone is misstating the amount owed and their right to collect.

You should not care who owns the debt. The more companies that claim they own it, the better a case you have.

Good Luck.

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  1. Thanks for the speedy response.  Since I sent my question, I checked my credit report and see that two of the collection agencies note that the amount was written off.  So the situation still isn’t great.  But the requested amount of the current collection effort is definitely wrong. I’ll send the debt validation request tomorrow.   


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