Real Estate Law Center / Adlore Clarambeau Mass Joinder Mailer

A reader has sent in a Real Estate Law Center mailer they received in Virginia. The mailer appears to be a solicitation to join a mass joinder or mass tort action against the banks for issues related to their mortgages. In this case the mailer from California attorney Adlore Clarambeau (Bar record.) says it is an action against Countrywide Bank

The consumer that sent in this mailer said:

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Here’s another of the mailers from these sleazeballs. On this one, they use both of the addresses (Victory Blvd and Vermont Ave) and the back of the mailer includes what I assume is a phony legal-looking document to make them look good.

Really awful. Hope this helps people understand that there is no Countrywide, or Countrywide lawsuit … and this is just another attempt to rip us off.

The addresses the tipster (send in your tips here) is referring to is:

16209 Victory Blvd
Lake Balboa, CA 91406

695 S. Vermont Avenue
Suite 1100
Los Angeles, CA 90005

The mailer claims that some of the potential legal outcomes from participation are:

  • A new loan at or below current market value.
  • A new fixed interest rate at 2%.
  • Late payments will be waived.
  • Negative credit rating is removed.
  • Outstanding balance is restructured.
  • Monetary damages may be possible.

I’ll ask some contacts to check on the current status of the suit shown in the mailer and I’ll update the post with what I find out.

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