I Signed a Contract With Lifeguard Financial and I’m Paying NoteWorld. – Cyndi

“Dear Mitch,

I signed a contract with lifeguard financial on August of 2009 and I have been making a payment of 637/mo to Noteworld. This month I still made a payment, I tried getting into my account at my.espda.com and its giving me an error, also I have tried contacting them via several phone numbers but no response, in fact, most are disconnected or no longer in service or the person you are trying to reach cannot take messages at this time. In total I have paid over $17k, please help, I don’t know what to do to get my money back.

How can I get my money back? and what should I do with the law firms that are suing me due to delinquent accounts?


Dear Cyndi,

Check your contract. It will reveal the terms for payment and termination. Without that information, I cannot advise you. Once you have that information, send a dispute to the address on the contract.

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8 thoughts on “I Signed a Contract With Lifeguard Financial and I’m Paying NoteWorld. – Cyndi”

  1. Dear Cyndi,

    I started with Life Guard financial (LGF) back in 2009. Since then I have had the Sherif at my house because there was no communication through Life guard financial. I tried to get support (lawyers) from LGF prior to my court date. I had no support still within days of when I was ging to court. I finally contacted the collection company and brokered my own deal and averted the courts. I have been paying down that debt to this day and an 3 months shy of bringing an end to it all. I was furious with LGF and demanded my money back and of course they put me off, but I continued to call everyday and demand that they reimburse me due to the fact that they did not do a thing to help me when I needed them the most. I had talk to several people on several times. They eventually reimburst me several thousands and I took as much as I could out of Note World (now https://mypromise.meracord.com/signin). I was able to recoupe some of the money I paid these criminals and would never do something like this again. They rouned my credit record, stole my money, and abandond me when I need them. I suggest that you first pull all the money you can out of your Note World (now https://mypromise.meracord.com/signin) account and research LGF (was my.espda.com) and find out what their name is now and demand that they refund your money. Do not take no for an answer and keep going up the food chain to find someone who can refund some money that you have paid in. Demand and don’t be timmed about it. They failed to fulfill their part of the contract and make them very aware of this fact. I would also starte by calling their Fort Lauderdale FL office here is the information off of their web page: Lifeguard Financial HEADQUARTERS
    4 West Las Olas Blvd4th FloorFort LauderdaleFlorida 33301Toll Free: 877.332.8520Client Services: 888.333.3860Local: 954.495.2044Fax: 954.342.2319

    Hound them until they give you some of you hard earned money back. I did and it worked. I didn’t get it all bac, but I got a lot. I would also stop paying them and contact the collection service that is sueing you and work a deal ask how much they will forgive inorder to stop it from going to court. Believe me they do not want to go there, they will deal with you to avoid the court process. Most are friendly and just want to settle the debt and will help you to bring this bad situation to and end. Then you can start working on rebuilding your credit record. Good luck and don’t let LGF give you the run aroun. You can get your money back for breatch of contract.

  2. I am on the same situacion about FBL or Lifeguard  Financial Won’t Answer the phone and I’m panicking  to  Elsa   please  respond  promptly  

  3. Im really sorry about my bad English, but Im in the same situation that many people, I sign for lifegurad financial, notewold or Meracord, this company has change names many times  I  dont know  if to avoid problems or why, its to difficult to somebody answer the phone , and if do dont have answer to the questions, promise to call back and dont do it. this company personal promise help for the people who really needs, good people who lost job or with very bad economic situations, and stole not just the money of this people  who belive in this promises but to stole their hope, trust. 
     I need to do what can I do because is not possible this kind of people continue make this to a good people and nobody can stopped them.



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