I Need Some Debt Relief Help for My Gym Membership With EP Fitness

“Dear Steve,

I am in need of advise, i had a gym membership with ep fitness in el paso, texas. I completed my 2 year contract and then went to a month by month basis. I started having back problems and could not go to the gym anymore so i sent a cancellation notice but received a call advising that if i had a balnace i could not cancel and my balance would keep going up. The amount gets taken out of my savings account so the gym also attached the return fees for no funds. The balance is only about 200 dollars, but i make minimum wage and money is kind of short since i was only paying 20 dollars a month. my credit is already ruined but it’s a matter of principal. Any advice.

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Thank you


Dear Juan,

What was the reason they gave for not canceling? Did they say the contract stated you can’t cancel with a balance?

How much was the balance you owed at the time you cancelled?

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