My Husband Went to a Christian University and is Buried in Student Loans. – Janise

“Dear Steve,

I married a man who has 100,000 dollars in school loans. I did everything by the book. Now, Im feeling overwhelmed about the loans that it seems we will never pay off. He went to a private university for undergrad and his masters. I know that he would not be the man he is today if he had not gone to the Christian University he went to, but, now I feel like we will never be able to live life without the pressure of not making enough. We got married and I worked to pay off his Ph.D. I thought a Ph.D would mean more money. He is a professor at a work college and I am an adjunct. I had no idea how little professors make.

We are working with low income students as teachers. However, it is at the college level. Is there ANYTHING at all out there for us? We are also in a low income area.


Dear Janise,

Are these private student loans or government backed student loans. It makes a huge difference when it comes to possible solutions.

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Steve Rhode

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  1. Hi Steve, Thanks so much for your response. My husband says they are gov.t backed loans. We see all kinds of help for elementary and secondary educators. However, we are in a unique position. We work at a College that only takes students from low income households. They work 15 hours a week and 2 40 hour work weeks in order to pay for school. Our entire school community is about “debt free living.” However, here we are part of the faculty and swamped by the loans we incurred while in school. Its embarrassing and stressful. We are in the Ozarks, so we are in a low income area and the majority of our students are from this area. We are both in the “helping profession” (I am a social worker, he is a Marriage and Family Therapist). Typically, we could get loan help if we worked for an agency full time in the community. However, as faculty, we do not have the time to work another full time job and we feel called to be at this school. Anyway, thanks for your help. Just wondering if there is anything out there for us.

    • Well then we might have so good news. Here is the form to fill out to have part of the loans discharged after 120 consecutive payments while on the program.

      Additionally, talk to the loan servicer to see if you qualify for the Income Based Repayment (IBR) program. This can substantially reduce your payment.

      Additionally do a search to see if your state provides for some student loan discharge for educators in disadvantaged areas.

      Let me know if that resolves it for you.


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