When Will My Defaulted Gym Membership Fall Off My Credit Report? – Sherri

Consumer Complaint Submission

a gym membership that was for stopped The amount is posted to my credit report each month with and added two dollars. It looks like a new debt but is the same one. I had a death in the family and stopped the membership after paying for a year. They say a two year contract …

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I Have a Bad Credit Report. What Can I Do? – Connie

Connie “Dear Steve, Even though, my credit is bad, I do have some good credit references. Everytime I apply for a consolidation loan, or whatever I am always turned down I know my score is bad but they always need that credit report. How can you help, a consumer even though there credit report is …

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How Do I Get Gold’s Gym Off My Credit Report? – David

“Dear Steve, I was a member of Gold’s Gym in Sandy, UT for a year when I got a call saying I “won” a membership. So I went in and talked to a guy named Mike(never got his last name) who was a trainer, he asked if I have a membership already and I said …

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