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Unknown – Consumer Complaint – 11-11-2011

Consumer Complaint Submission
Written by Consumer

Date This Problem Happened: November 11, 2011

State You Live in: California

Race/Ethnicity: Hispanic or Latino

Age Range: 36-50

Total Amount of Fee Paid:

Company Name: Unknown

Company Address: Unknown

Company Telephone Number: 888-925-8727

Website of Company:

Consumer Statement:

About two weeks ago my husband, who was not at work at the time, got a call from a fellow co worker that some guy came by to “serve” my senior father, who lives with us, with “court papers”, the inference was that someone was trying to claim a civil suit against my father.

For about a week we didn’t hear anything else until they called my husband’s cell. They left a voice msg with a number and “case number”. Of course I took that case number and couldn’t find it on the the county’s website (we live in Los Angeles County, CA) so then my husband gave the number to my dad, who then called these criminals…..right away they intimidated my dad who then told me to take the call, while I was in the middle of making dinner, well, because I told my dad, in ear shot of the caller “Dad, why are you giving me this call right now, I”m cooking…please take his information and I’ll call him back”, of course, I was a “bit” stressed when he was insisting that I talk to this “important” person NOW….so, I did….right away this guy was atagonistic….telling me that he wasn’t going after my dad, because my dad said that the “debt” wasn’t his fault, but my fault (I guess my dad devulged a past debt that we had in his name, that he gave us permission to do, when we had a business and were just getting started with trying to create credit lines (past tense situation)….so, this guy tells me “I AM GOING TO REPORT YOU TO ELDER ABUSE'” because I told him I didn’t want to talk to him right now, and that I would get back to him, oh…he wouldn’t devulge his business name, etc…

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The next day he left a message on my husband’s cell, again, stating that on that day they filed an elder case abuse and would my husband please call back….wow, I realized that this smelled like a SCAM…so, I promptly looked up the number and sure enough it was a private line, NOT A BUSINESS…somewhere in San Bernardino County, where some of these false business’s have resided.

This morning these scammers called my minor son on his cell phone, thank God he played dumb, but these guys didn’t stop here, they proceeded to call my brother, his wife (on their cell phones) and their home phone…of course, they were shaken because these folks told them that I was going to be “served” this coming Monday. Well, I’ll be waiting for them, as I have done some more searching….this time the number they gave my sister in law was different than the original number they gave my husband… I called from a number that could not be linked back to me, or anyone that knows me, family or friends, etc…., when I called I asked “what is the name of this company” and the gal that answered the phone stumbled her words and said “what” and I repeated myself and sh e HUNG UP…THEN I called 5 minutes later and a guy answered and I asked the same question, and he said he couldn’t hear me and couldn’t and wouldn’t answer my question unless I took my phone off the “speaker”, which it was not on to begin with, and he hung up. Here at the numbers we were given and the “case” number, which I earlier discovered was an “internal” number, when I first talked to the guy that later got mad at me.

No: 888-925-8727 and a (909) number based in Ontario.

Consumer Action Taken:

I tried to ASK for their business name. I am placing the latest date that our family was attempted to scam below:

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