I’m on SSI. Should I Stop Paying My Bills to File Bankruptcy? – John

“Dear Mitch,

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I am a 46 year old male. I am on SSI disability. After paying all my monthly bills I am only left with $50.00 for food, gas and prescriptions. The only things I own are a motorcycle and car. I do not have savings so I can not pay a attorney to file bankruptcy.

My question is should I stop paying my bills? I am current on all my bills, nothing past due. But I can not continue to live on $50.00 a month.


Dear John,

Without knowing your entire financial status, including everything you own and everything you owe, I can’t answer the question. I can tell you that no one can touch Social Security money. Put it in a separate account and it will be protected. Government creditors and child support can get at the money.

See a local lawyer for a complete review of your financial status and for a determination of what property is exposed to creditors.

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