Federal Stimulus Program Mailer. Yea, Avoid This One.

A reader just sent in a mailer they got recently. It looks like the mailers that were going out over a year ago and claiming special debt settlement benefits.

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This mailer claims to offer debt reduction benefits under the 2010 Federal Stimulus Program and then refers to it as the FSPL. Where the L came from, I don’t know.

The mailer claims to be able to provide “68% Resolution of Past Due Debt.” It claims to offer:

  • No 3rd party Fees.
  • 1 Payment Per Month.
  • Reduce Overall Debt by up to 68%.
  • Avoid Costly Debt Management Programs.
  • Immediate Reduction of Payments Up to 60%
  • Elimination of Unsecured Debt in 24 Months.
  • Credit is Restored by Avoiding Bankruptcy.
  • Stop Calls from Creditors and Collectors.

It seems under 2010 FTC TSR rules that most of those claims wander into problem areas. Anyone disagree?

The number listed on the form is 877-259-8189.

The mailer also claims the service is free, the consumer has been nominated to participate by one of their creditors, and customer service representatives are highly trained.

I’d love to hear your comments on this mailer. Love it or hate it. Post your comment below.

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