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I’m Getting Calls From Two Lenders On My One Car Loan. – Nicole

“Dear Steve,

Im a single mom who recently relocated from florida to Georgia after loosing my job.i moved hete to help lower the cost of living expence..i am on florida unemployment. A year prior to loosing my job I purchased a car from a small lot..i recieved financing at a rediculose intrest rate..3 months later my finance company sold my loan to a new lender in south florida.

However I feel thete is something shady going on with the finance company because I still get calls from the orignal lender asking y I am late on my payment and both companies phone numbers are similar..also there employees answer calls at both companies..As I am on unemployment I have recently run into financial trouble and requested to bring my car loan up to date by making partial payments ..i spoke to the finance company one supervisor said she would def. Work with me seeing I have invested over 13000.00 in the vehicle over the past 2 years..4000.00 of tht was as a down payment they accepted of a two month period ..i at tht time provided via telephone my credit card info authorizing a partial payment of a certian amt to be electrionicly removed from my bank account and in return recieved a email confirmation the money was withdrawn. After making verbal arrangements on the date I will call in with the balance I am constantly called by both the new and the orig. Finance company every day on multiple numbers inc cell phones..and then today a company only stating they were a reposession company…called saying they were giving me a courtsey call to let me know my car is being repoed with in 48 hours.. I told them to contact the lender because I was just on the phone w them and made arrangements through them..they accepted a partial payment..the repo company then hot rude with me and I hung up.. I noticed again that the phone number is similar to the finance companys and called it back to get a cell phone voice mail..i am livid .. I feel I am being lie d to and fear the company may not even have the title to my car ..i am only 5 000 $ from paying the car off completely .(florida loans)

My question is this… What are my rights or stattute a consumer/buyer protected under in cases where lenders are falsely assuring us a partial payment will be accepted.. Isnt the transaction of monies in a partial amount written proof the lender has made an agreement and accepted these terms on the loan.. Who do I report constant harassment to after verbal agreements are made and money has been accepted. Will my email confirmation of the partial payment be viewd as written proof showing the partial payment was recieved by the lender be proof to show the state department of repossession investigator I did have an agreement and the repo. 493 statute was violated by the lender in requesting to repossession? Are we as buyers not protected at all after investing over years of payments on a loan?


Dear Nicole,

You need to speak to a consumer lawyer in your state. I’d suggest you look at those lawyers that are part of and reach out to one of them, right away!

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.

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