How Can We Get Our Money Back from Precision Law Center? – Antonio

“Dear Steve,

me and my wife pay Presicion law center 9000 dlls for their services, two properties that they suposs to get in the mass law asue vs bank of america and vs wachovia now that we pay in full their is no answer and the mananswer the same phone number said that they move i month ago,adress is 151kalmus dr. site d 102 costa meza ca 92626 thats where we went to do the aplication and also to do the payments the manager was Sherrey Pridmore, Scott Andrews splain the program and he tok our payments John Michaels contac us by phone he suposed to stop the sale of our properties. Paola Martinez was handling the cases and the phone they list still functioning but the person answer and said leave a messege and i will have them retur the call said number 1-800-813-4042 and the other number 1949 612-1403 was where Scott Andrews used to answer,now is diferent man when Iask why if P.l.C ist not there any more why he has the same ph number, he tol me he will p ass my information to somebody from P.L.C.



Dear Antonio,

You can follow my guide on how to try to get a refund.

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3 thoughts on “How Can We Get Our Money Back from Precision Law Center? – Antonio”

  1. My Name is G.M. Diesel & Pprecision Law Center has screwed me over too. In Aug. 2011 I paid the full amount that I was told to pay & have had NO contact from any one @ Precision Law Center-  6 Hutton Center dr., South Coast Metro, ca. 92707. since they took my good faith payment of $ 6000.00. Now I realize, that this is a SCAM Plan to HURT middle America home owners.

    @Precisio:disqus I live in Elizabeth, Colorado and like many people, stuggling to make ends meet on a monthly basis. No thanks to Scam Artist like Precision – people are now in more trouble than before.
    Big & Powerful  Company’s Pray on the Little Guy & it’s always about Lining their Pockets. American Business’s has gone from Needy to Greedy & Politicians are the benefits of these bad practices, while the little guy suffers once again.
    Who should an American Trust any more ?

  2. Please contact the Santa Ana FBI, (714) 542-8825.  Precision Law Center has scammed a lot of people out of thousands of dollars.  If you feel they misrepresented themselves and that something is just not right, please file a complaint with the FBI to help those of us that were scammed.  I myself paid them $7000.00 and they did absolutely nothing for me.  They will not take my calls or respond to my emails.

  3. this message is for antonio
    precision law firm as moved to santa anna call the 800 number you have they’ll answer i’m fighting the same thing


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