What Are the Options for Timeshare Owners Who Want Out? – Hollis

I own a timeshare that I wish I didn’t own. I paid about $12000 cash for it – no debt – and have kept current on my quarterly maintenance payments of about $160. Without going into too much personal detail, the problem is – I’m probably never going to use it. And there are thousands of happy fools just like me who bought timeshares after an exuberant sales pitch during a nice vacation and then… blammo… we woke up! Simply put, I made a mistake and I want to correct it with the least amount of additional loss. I constantly receive phone calls from pitchsters who promise me that they can sell my timeshare for a tidy profit – after I pay them a nice upfront fee, of course. But I sense that the resale market for these “cash vacuums” is practically nonexistent, and I don’t want to throw good money after bad.

What are the options for timeshare owners who want OUT?


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  1. We’re in a similiar situation, so I can feel for you.  After some research, I found a non-profit organization that will take your timeshare as a donation. They will investigate your timeshare resort….where it’s located, what week(s),etc..If they find they could rent it easily, they will take it off your hands—-for a price (up to $2400.00) which is maintenance fees paid in advance for a couple of years. The balance after they rent your unit is donated to several causes,eg. cancer,heart disease,etc.. Check for yourself :Donate For A Cause……best of luck!

  2. You could go to tugbbs.com and list your timeshare on the bargain basebent thread for free and give the timeshare away.  Be sure to list mantenance fee’s, etc.

  3. When I posted my query, I didn’t realize how many other people shared the same dlilemma – unwanted timeshare – and how much dissatisfaction and controversy surrounded the issue . While my personal situation may not be desperate (although I have been there before!), I respectfully suggest that many people could improve their financial outlook by disposing of unwanted/unuseful/excess “assets” or possessions. I hope someone will respond with tips and ideas so that unhappy timeshare owners can vet their options and make the most of a bad situation. Thanks!


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