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What Are the Options for Timeshare Owners Who Want Out? – Hollis

I own a timeshare that I wish I didn’t own. I paid about $12000 cash for it – no debt – and have kept current on my quarterly maintenance payments of about $160. Without going into too much personal detail, the problem is – I’m probably never going to use it. And there are thousands of happy fools just like me who bought timeshares after an exuberant sales pitch during a nice vacation and then… blammo… we woke up! Simply put, I made a mistake and I want to correct it with the least amount of additional loss. I constantly receive phone calls from pitchsters who promise me that they can sell my timeshare for a tidy profit – after I pay them a nice upfront fee, of course. But I sense that the resale market for these “cash vacuums” is practically nonexistent, and I don’t want to throw good money after bad.

What are the options for timeshare owners who want OUT?


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  • We’re in a similiar situation, so I can feel for you.  After some research, I found a non-profit organization that will take your timeshare as a donation. They will investigate your timeshare resort….where it’s located, what week(s),etc..If they find they could rent it easily, they will take it off your hands—-for a price (up to $2400.00) which is maintenance fees paid in advance for a couple of years. The balance after they rent your unit is donated to several causes,eg. cancer,heart disease,etc.. Check for yourself :Donate For A Cause……best of luck!

  • You could go to and list your timeshare on the bargain basebent thread for free and give the timeshare away.  Be sure to list mantenance fee’s, etc.

  • When I posted my query, I didn’t realize how many other people shared the same dlilemma – unwanted timeshare – and how much dissatisfaction and controversy surrounded the issue . While my personal situation may not be desperate (although I have been there before!), I respectfully suggest that many people could improve their financial outlook by disposing of unwanted/unuseful/excess “assets” or possessions. I hope someone will respond with tips and ideas so that unhappy timeshare owners can vet their options and make the most of a bad situation. Thanks!

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