Our Financial Situation is Out of Control. What Should We Do? – Tashia

Family of 4, Husband ownes a business & works at another job.

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I work p/t for a non-profit out of our home. We have 2 children under the age of 12. We reside in an area that has been hard hit with the poor economy.

We are struggling everyday. There are 2 loans that are particularly hard….$23,000 personal line of credit w/interest rate over 9%….Student loan $21,000 w/interest rate at 8.75%

I have tried calling the personal line of credit institution – many times – not willing to listen or work with me. We do not over spend – but with the business we own – and the area we live in – it is hard to make this situation better.

Our mortgage is $1,000 / month, cars $750/month, insurance 300/month (which we have a hard time making this payment), we have only 1 credit card 133/month with an outstanding balance of $4,000

Our business has loans and various other bills – and our personal income also gets put back into the business

I don’t know what to do – any advise would be much appreciated. We are 43 yrs old and using much of our savings/investment funds – looks bleek!

Kindest Regards – Tashia

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