My medical assisting school closed. Do I still owe the student loan? – Melissa

I attended a career training program at a accredited school. The program was for medical assisting and was 14,000.00.

I chose this particular program because if you need time off you are elegible to go beck.

A few years ago.I tried and someone bought out program. Not only did my credits not count, I will have to retake ever course, I still pay the loan.

please tell me there is something I can do?


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1 thought on “My medical assisting school closed. Do I still owe the student loan? – Melissa”

  1. Hi Melissa,
    There are very limited options for dealing with student loan debt.
    Your school being closed may open opportunities to you for handling the debts that would not otherwise be available.
    A great resource for looking at the options for dealing with student debt, including your situation, is http://www.studentloanborrowerassistance.org/loan-cancellation/problems-with-your-school/closed-school/

    Your withdrawal from the school having been a couple years ago may hinder your loan qualification.


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