Be Smart and Find the Best Credit Card That’s Right for You

For anyone who has spent more than a few minutes on the GetOutOfDebt.org site you easily come to the conclusion that it is primarily about getting rid of debt but getting out of debt is more than just about eliminating your bills. Getting out of debt is also about not getting into overwhelming debt. One way to do this is to get smart about the type or kind of credit card you use.

A credit card provides better security and less risks than using a debit card. A erroneous transaction on a debit card can take money straight out of your checking account. Not so with a credit card.

Take a look at the table above to find the current average rates for each major category of credit cards.

So let’s take a look at each category of cards and see what’s available.

Balance Transfer Credit Cards

Cash Back Credit Cards

Low Interest Credit Cards

Rewards Credit Cards

Student Credit Cards

Airline Miles Credit Cards

Gas Credit Cards

Secured Credit Cards

Business Credit Cards

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