Can I Accept Responsibility and Pay Off My Debts Without My Husband’s Assistance? – Debt

I am 47 years old with credit card debts totally about 15K and Student Loans in excess of 30K. I married my husband 2 years ago in order to provide health insurance for him and his son due to employment changes.

Shortly after our marriage, my employer decided to close the doors where I was working – leaving me with no job. 9 months later, I took a part time job which pays considerably less then I used to make.

My past job earned me appr. 48K per year. Last year, my earnings were under 20K, along with 6K in unemployment. I want to pay off my debts on my own.

My husband would not understand how I could have acquired this debt and this situation could affect our marriage.

I love my husband dearly and do not want to hold him responsible for my carelessness.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I wish to begin a new chapter in my life lowering the amount of my debt each and every day.



Dear Debt,

Unfortunately I have more questions than answers at this point. The good news is that with some more information I can get you headed in the right direction to resolve this situation.

Are these debts in your name alone?

I suspect that the majority of this debt was run up last year in an effort to just make ends meet. Is that correct? If that is correct, what is your plan for moving forward without access or the ability to use the cards?

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.


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  1. The debts are in my name only. Yes, they have run up for the last 2 years since I lost my job. I am current on them, but feel as if I am sinking daily. I try to put in any extra hours at work when I can, and, I continue to look for work in my field daily. There are very few extra curricular events in my life anymore and I would love to shred my cards and move forward. Some of the debt incurred due to cash advances – thus higher interest rates.


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