Mitchell J. Stein Sues California AG Harris

Inactive California attorney Mitchell J. Stein has filed suit against California Attorney General Kamala Harris, Benjamin Diehl, and James Toma on February 27, 2012 in the Northern District of California.

The case says it was filed by James Leickly, Esq but the email address of eric@ewittenberglaw.com seems to be likely associated with Eric Wittenberg, Esq who I wrote about in Mass Joinder Mitchell Stein at Spire Law Group.

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The complaint says: “On August 17, 2011 California Attorney General Kamala Harris and the other Defendants grossly conspired to violate Plaintiffs’ civil rights by wrongfully seizing the legal practice of Plaintiff Mitchell J. Stein based upon an inadequate investigation and upon demonstrably false allegations and then involuntarily forcing his license to practice law into an inactive status without grounds or legal justification for doing so. She did so under the cover of secrecy without any public airing of the facts, without proper court approval, and without allowing either plaintiffs or their counsel or any court a chance to respond. She did so at the behest of Bank of America, whose attorneys are deeply alarmed by the substantive progress Mr. Stein has achieved in mass joinder cases and concomitant investigations against the bank.” – Source

Harris took this action while making the transparently false claim she was protecting “consumers.” Then, Harris said she does not opine on the merits of lawsuits against financial institutions but began sending mailers across the country announcing the mass tort lawsuits against financial institutions are “scams.”

“Defendants have systematically (a) provided seized documents (including those protected by the attorney client privilege) to at least five (5) bank servicers in violation of the criminal laws of the United States of America, (b) destroyed other seized documents to that pain tiffs’ cases against the banks would be negatively impacted and (c) ignored the United States Attorney General and the attorneys general of other states affected (including New York) in forcing California’s corrupt will and corrupt intentions on the citizens of other States.”

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“Based on Mr. Stein’s work and cooperation with federal authorities, Harris’ and Bank of America’s attempt to silence their most feared enemy – Mr. Stein – backfired after harris’ actions when the United States of America and the State of New York sued Bank of America again, alleging the same wrongdoings Mr. Stein alleged back in 2009.”

“Indeed, on January 1, 2012, the Defendants acted outside the course and stop of their business by listing Mitchell J. Stein as being subject to discipline on the State Bar’s Website without the approval of the State Bar, in violation of the Rules of the State Bar, and in a manner misleading to the general public.”

You can read the entire complaint here.

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