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Update on Bankruptcy Filing of “Real Estate Scam” Mass Joinder King Philip Kramer

Written by Steve Rhode

I previously published this post on the initial chapter 7 bankruptcy filing for Kramer & Kaslow mass joinder attorney Philip Kramer.

on February 22, 2011 Kramer filed the missing detailed schedules.

But first I present to you this gem.

So let’s take a look at how successful Philip Kramer was with the mass joinder efforts.

Kramer’s bankruptcy filing contained about 4,000 names and address of consumers that presumably had bought into his mass joinder scam. But just because the consumers are listed in the bankruptcy filing does not seem to mean Kramer is accepting any responsibility for the outcome.

Kramer’s attorney says, “By listing every person on Schedule F, the Debtor does not concede that he is obligated to those persons in any way. From that standpoint, every claim is unliquidated and disputed.

Virtually every person listed on Schedule F has a claim against the corporation of Kramer & Kaslow, Inc. to the extent that person has a claim against the Debtor. That entity is therefore a co-debtor as to each person listed on Schedule F.”

It appears Kramer is backing away from any responsibility for his mass joinder clients.

Bankruptcy Schedules


  • SHIN v. Kramer – $6,000
  • Rami Ben-Moshe – current landlord
  • Banning Heights Mutual Water Company
  • Nancy Belanger, James A Hooper, individually and as a representative of Hooper Family Trust, Gaelyn Nichols Marvin, Mary Wilson, and Jenna Slawinski
  • Bank of America – $50,000 charge back
  • Card Flex Services
  • WaMu
  • Bank of America – $5,000 charge back
  • Amir Khazaieli v. Kramer
  • Michael Middleton v. Kramer
  • Pedro Beltran v. Kramer
  • Jose and Ana Rodriguez – Fee dispute
  • Elizandro Vargas – Fee dispute
  • DAS Acquisition Company v. Philip Kramer
  • Oak Mortgage Company v. Mass Litigation Alliance
  • John Crawford
  • Matthew K. Davis
  • Mohanned Chitsazzadeh

Assets – Liabilities

Assets – $506,535
Liabilities $396,275


Philip Kramer discloses he is the 100% owner of Kramer & Kaslow.

He owes $18,000 to Wells Fargo for a 2010 Mercedes E350 which is now in possession of the receiver, Thomas McNamara.

Kramer says he is separated from his wife and they have a 16 year old son.

His current income is $2,000 a month as a contribution or loan from his parents.

He currently pays out $2,000 a month in the following fashion.

  • Office Rent – $900
  • Telephone – $150
  • Food – $650
  • Recreation – $300

Kramer states that for all the people that enrolled in his mass joinder scheme and his activities as a lawyer his income in 2010 was $90,000 and in 2011 his income from his law practice was $80,000.

Kramer’s lawyer, M. Jonathan Hayes, has agreed to accept Kramers 105 shares of Exxon/Mobil for his compensation.

You can read these scheduled and filing, here.

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Steve Rhode is the Get Out of Debt Guy and has been helping good people with bad debt problems since 1994. You can learn more about Steve, here.

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