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United Employee Benefits Group Still Sending Debt Relief Unsolicited Faxes

A tipster (send in your tips here) just sent in this copy of an unsolicited fax they received. It certainly appears to be from United Employee Benefits Group,, who has been sending these for a while now. In fact the State of California hit them with a cease & desist order before of similar faxes. – Source

This fax appears to offer debt relief services to employees under the guise of it being a benefit that may have been sanctioned by the employer.

The program is identified as a “Pre-Legal Financial Restructuring” program and claims to be able to offer 0% interest and up to a 65% reduction of credit card payments.

And I have no clue what this claim they make means:

“Financial Restructuring” is the mandated reform necessary (even before the application phase) for those wanting/seeking/needing:

  1. Home Loan Mortgage modifications and/or
  2. Mortgage Banalance reductions (This includes Home equity loans and 2nd mortgages)

The fax lists that it was sent from 888-231-8714, the claim number is 03-986548, and consumers are to call 888-872-1112.

From everything that is presented on this fax it appears to be deceptive. If you receive a fax like this you may want to use this consumer protection directory to contact your appropriate agency in your state and report it.

You can also report junk faxes directly to the Federal Communication Commission here.

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