Debt Relief Companies of Tim Gibbons and Jennifer Yoffe Not What They Seem

National Employee Benefits Group and United Employee Benefits Group are debt relief companies I’ve written about before, here and here. They’ve both been sending out questionable marketing material, appearing to be sanctioned to offer people questionable debt relief services.

In fact they have been allegedly sending out this unsolicited fax tipster (send in your tips here) sent in recently. The fax claims to offer “pre-legal financial restructuring,” credit card payment reduction, home loan modifications, and mortgage balance reductions and appears to be a benefit offered with knowledge of the recipients employer.

This site has the greatest tipster (send in your tips here)s in the world and one such reader sent me information on these companies that further solidifies they are not what they claim.

The tipster (send in your tips here) said:

I wish to bring attention to every one of SCAM/ FRAUD being conducted by National Employees Benefit Group / united employee benefit group-UEBG, also known as NEBG. The registered office is in Las Vegas
8871 W. Flamingo Road, Suite 202,
Las Vegas, NV 89147

However the registration is of a virtual office.

However the company now operates from Fiji situated at Garden City in Raiwaqa, Suva under the name of Bio Fuels international Fiji in reality claiming that it operates from USA using Voip phones showing USA numbers, Phone and Fax. before it used to operate from hem raj place in Tamavua.

The directors Mr. Tim Gibbons and Jennifer Yoffe Gibbons both reside in Thailand and from time to time they visit Fiji to collect cash transferred from NEBG account to Bio fuels account. Mr. Tim Gibbons had been deported from Fiji once as he was involved in Telecommunication scam company named as tele source. [ED: I believe it was actually Telepac and the story just says he was allegedly detained. – Source]

The poor American blood being sucked by Mr. Tim Gibbons and the wife. They have never gone to USA upon the start of the business being in fear of being detained and court actions taking place against them.

The Fiji Government and relevant authorities must take proactive measures to stop this scam to benefit the 1000’s of poor Americans who are cheated.

The staff of Bio Fuels stationed at Garden City in Marco-Polo Building resume work at 3am in the morning ( 8am USA Time) and finish at 1pm Fiji time (5pm USA Time).

Furthermore to this staff of bio Fuels are given special name impersonating to be Americans.

Given Below is a list of some people with Local names and their assigned names:
Lina Hoo known as Angila Kidd
Vika Known as Victoria Cohen
Rakesh Chand known as Rick stone
Ranjana lal known as Geena Lee
Ranita Sharma known as Rene Evans etc.
Alvina as alvina Banks.
Krisi as Christine pickering
Losalini Rokovesi as Lini smith

NEBG employs a staff of corporate suits from Las Vegas who sends and deposits all checks to NEBG account and later is transferred to Thailand and Fiji.

I just want the poor Americans to be saved from this scam.

What follows is a review of some of the statements the tipster (send in your tips here) made that I was able to research. I have no knowledge of the companies being a scam as the tipster (send in your tips here) states. I make no such allegation. This report is a reflection of the inconsistencies that arose while checking the information submitted.

I have traded several emails with this company and technical information in the last email confirms they are being sent from Fiji with the following footer:

Rick Stone
Mortgage Banking Analyst
Sr. Portfolio / Asset Manager
United Employee Benefits Group
P: (888) 671-7778 F: (888) 855-0666

Payment /Compliance Processing Center:
8871 W. Flamingo Road, Suite 202
Las Vegas, NV 89147

Executive Division:
2800 Post Oak Blvd, Suite 4100
Houston, TX 77056

According to the tipster (send in your tips here), Rick Stone is allegedly Rakesh Chand. A visa application was submitted to me as well to support the claims of the tipster (send in your tips here).

The tipster (send in your tips here) also stated that Chand had been previously deported from the United States. I am not sure if this is the same Chand but in 1997 a Rakesh Chand was deported.

Rakesh Chand, a native and citizen of Fiji, of Hindu Indian descent, petitions pro se for review of the Board of Immigration Appeals’ (“BIA”) dismissal of his appeal of an immigration judge’s denial of his application for asylum and withholding of deportation. – Source

[Update 3-16-2012 Tim Gibbons confirms Rakesh Chand works for him but denies the person mentioned above is the same person. “Your raskesh Chand that you show as being deported is not the Rakesh Chand that works for us either.”]

United Employee Benefits Group

On September 13, 2011 United Employee Benefits, LLC, Rick Stone, Tim Gibbons, Barry Johnson and Jennifer Yoffe were sent a cease and desist letter by the California Department of Real Estate. The allegation was that the named parties were “engaging in the business of, acting in the capacity of, advertising, or assuming to act as a real estate broker in the State of California.” This was presumably for the mortgage modification services they were alleged to have been selling.

On or about April 25, 2011, the Oakland District Office of the department received a fax advertisement from National Employee Benefits Groups, which now operates under the name UEB, listing relief programs including resolving foreclosure proceedings, mortgage loan modification, restructuring programs and renegotiating home loan balances.” – Source

Read more about this action against the named individuals.

According to public records, United Employee Benefits Group is supposed to be located at:

Payment /Compliance Processing Center:
8871 W. Flamingo Road, Suite 202
Las Vegas, NV 89147

According to the State of Nevada there is no company called United Employee Benefits Group. There is however a company called United Employee Benefits, LLC that is owned by Tim Gibbons and Jennifer Yoffe at the address above. – Source

The address is actually a virtual office as the tipster (send in your tips here) alleges. – Source

Executive Division:
2800 Post Oak Blvd, Suite 4100
Houston, TX 77056

Despite the claims that the company is located in Texas, there is no registration I could find to do business on file with the Secretary of State in Texas for this company.

The Texas address is a virtual office space at the Williams Tower in Houston, Texas. – Source

United Employee Benefits Group, which is not a valid and registered company in Texas, claims to be located there and offer the following debt relief services.

Barry Johnston a.k.a. Barry Johnson

The claims about Tim Gibbons and Jennifer Yoffe being involved seem to be supported by Gibbons owning the domain name for nebgroup.org and Yoffe appearing on additional documentation supplied.

The tipster (send in your tips here) supplied information mentioned a Barry Johnston who was confirmed as having worked at UEBG. My email to Barry Johnston at his National Employee Benefits Group email address, obtained from alleged pay records below, was responded to by Rick Stone at United Employee Benefits Group who said, “Barry is no longer with us.”

Pay records for Barry Johnston at National Employee Benefits Group appear to support money paid between Thailand and Fiji.

Tim Gibbons & Jennifer Yoffe

Information linking Gibbons and yoffe to BioFuel International can easily be found. Yoffe143 uploaded the following video to YouTube and it is tagged with both Jennifer Yoffe and Tim Gibbons.

YouTube player

Source Video

Jennifer Gibbons is listed as the Vice President and Director of Human Resources as BioFuels International, LLC and Bio Fuels International (Fiji) Limited. – Source

Tim Gibbons has an allegedly spotted past when it comes to his telecommunication days. Rumor has it that back around 2006 Tim Gibbons ran into trouble in Thailand.

A story is attributed to the Pattaya City News on Saturday October 14, 2006

In response to that posting, a person posting as TelephonePacific stated the story was inaccurate. – Source

Broke Texan makes a run for it rather than paying his outstanding rent.

A bizarre case now from the Argyll Apartments on the Pratamnuk Road in South Pattaya. Mr. Tim Gibbons aged 39 from Texas, USA checked into the apartments three months ago after a planned 6 month stay in Pattaya to take some time-out from his job back in Texas.

Unbeknown to staff at the apartment, he lost his job back in Texas whilst he was here in Pattaya and he ran out of money and could not afford to pay the rent. Staff decided to confront him on Friday evening after accumulating a bill of 69,000 Baht over the last three months. Mr. Gibbons did not have the money to pay the bill and took the decision to make a run for it. He was quickly caught and the Police were called.

Staff presented Police with the tenancy agreement and he was duly arrested and taken to Pattaya Police Station. He is now in a situation where he will have to either find the money quickly or face some jail time and possible deportation. – Source

And then there is this allegation and story related to the issue that is posted online in the same forum thread.

Turns out our Texas boy Tim Gibbons sure is quite the con man.

Mr. Gibbons had not paid his bills for months and he was telling the owner that he was regularly communicating with his staff in the USA. But guess what, this Texas two facer eventually had his emails tracked by the owners of the hotel and they were all originated from the same IP address, all in Pattaya, now that was every email that I’m talking about, including the responses that were supposed to be from his bosses in the USA. They traced the sources of the emails and they found out that Gibbons was writing them all himself, and that he was pretending to be his own boss! The poor owner had been busy corresponding to Gibbons bosses (who were actually just Gibbons) when Gibbons, who was must have been starting to feel the heat of a new residence in a Thai jail cell, snuck out of the hotel early one day.

It took some time but they eventually got word that Gibbons was still in Pattaya and they called the police and they caught him and so Gibbons was arrested. He had been in hiding on an expired visa. They kept him in a holding cell for a couple of weeks and then they deported him.

The owner told me plenty more. That Gibbons always portrayed himself as some kind of very wealthy and well paid executive and that he was involved in telecommunications and they learned that this was all a fraud.

He said that Gibbons still to this day owes them their money, he never paid up, and that if he ever comes back to Thailand, they are going to press charges for theft. The owner really feels badly burned.

So if you ever find yourself needing to get the straight and narrow on this. The owner told me to have people feel free to call him to confirm the events. I’m gonna do ya’ll a favor and pass on his contact details. His name is Ben at Argyle Apartments and the phone number is +66 038 250 123 and he’d love to talk to you. Ya’ll be careful with this snake, Gibbons is as slippery as an eel in an oil slick.

Now if ya’ll would just humor me for one more thought, I was thinking that Mr. Gibbons, though for sure he is a slippery one, he sure don’t catch on. They caught him in Thailand by him using the same IP address and then they caught him the same way on this forum and kicked him off for posting fake accounts and lying to try and save his reputation by the same method. Like my daddy used to say, we all should thank God that the criminal mind can never create the perfect criminal act, but sometimes you do have to pretty smart to catch the good ones. You boys on this forum did right fine with your detecting, a Texas ranger would be dam_n proud of your work. – Source

There was no rebuttal by TelephonePacific online to that statement posted in the same thread TelephonePacific had replied before.

See also  Fiji Serviced United Employee Benefits Group and National Employee Benefits Group Still Not Registered in America

Gibbons is reported to have accomplished telephone deregulation in Fiji and opened the way for better competition which lowered the costs of telephone services to consumers. For that he is loved by many in Fiji.

When the small United States company Telpac Ltd came to Fiji in 2001 and began selling its e-mail based telephone service locally, it not only kicked up dust in the market, its chief executive officer Tim Gibbons relentlessly questioned the way Telecom Fiji had transferred its licenses, along with the exclusivities, to Connect and Vodafone. – Source

But at some point Telpac started selling debt relief services. The BBB reports Telpac Financial Solutions opened in 2006 in Texas at 5956 Sherry Ln Ste 1000, Dallas, TX 75225-8021. – Source

Gibbons Tied to Thailand

In a video posted online allegedly by Gibbons we see a tour of an office building and out the window we catch a glimpse of the business across the street. The sign reads Adisak Equipment Co. Ltd.

This appears to be the building in this photo which is located in Phuket Thailland.

This appears to tie Gibbons to both Fiji and Thailand as alleged.

But then Gibbons does one better, he steps outside to show the area of “our first Core Fitness” in Phuket, Thailand.

YouTube player


This confirms it is the same building.

Gibbons takes us on a brief tour of his house in Phuket where he mentions the difference in clothes he wears between Fiji and Thailand. – Source

We are introduced to the final gym and discover the name has been changed to Elite Fitness (elitegyms.net). But if you visit the site it says it is Core Fitness.

According to the EliteGyms.net website the gym is located at: – Source

28/14 Soi Bangkoo 1, Moo 2,
Koh Kaew, Muang, Phuket Thailand 83000 83000 – Source

The Core Fitness website at EliteGyms.net and CoreFitness4life.com mentions Gibbons.

CoreFitness4life.com and elitegyms.net are both registered to Mrs. Yoffe at PO Box 61359, Sunnyvale, CA 94088.

Tim takes us on a tour that he says is across the street from his house and describes it as a very affluent area without “whore salons.”

YouTube player


Suva, Fiji

Alleged location of United Employee Benefits Group and National Employee Benefits Group.

YouTube player

Bio Fuels International Announcement

This news video shows the announcement of Bio Fuels International with Tim Gibbons, Glenn Kable, Dennis Hopkins, and Frank Eggleton.

YouTube player

Jennifer yoffe and Tim Gibbons in front of BioFuels International sign.

BioFuels International, LLC is registered at the same business address as United Employee Benefits, LLC at:

8871 W. Flamingo Road, Suite 202
Las Vegas, NV 89147 – Source

Yet on the company website they claim to be located in San Francisco. – Source

The State of California has no company registered to do business in California under BioFuels International.

Domain Names

National Employee Benefits Group site at nebgroup.org redirects to United Employee Benefits Group at uebg.org. The domains are owned or were registered by:

Tim Gibbons

Jennifer Yoffe
The BBB has no record of this company.

Dennis Hopkins (he is involved with Bio Fuels International and in the press conference video above.)

National Employee Benefits Group claims to be located at:
795 Folsom Street
First Floor
San Francisco, CA 94107 – Source

Coincidently that is the same address as BioFuels International claims on their Fiji site and it is a virtual office. – Source

The State of California has no company under the name National Employee Benefits Group that is registered to do business in the state.

The BBB in California gives National Employee Benefits Group a current A- rating and lists Tim Gibbons as primary contact. They also claim to have 40 employees. – Source

Behind the Scenes of This Article

The tale of what happened next in working this story is almost as strange as the story itself. I emailed Rick Stone (Rakesh Chand) and asked him the following questions to get his response for this article.

In particular it may be important for you to address the following issues for your opinion or point of view to be heard in the article:

  1. I actually have proof you are in Fiji yet claim to be operating out of Nevada and Texas.
  2. You have knowledge of the unsolicited faxes that are being sent. See example at https://getoutofdebt.org//35093/
  3. I have documentation to support your deportation from the U.S. Do you claim you were not deported?
  4. There is no documentation of UEBG being registered in Texas according to the Secretary of State to legally conduct business there.
  5. The operation is under the control of Tim Gibbons and Jennifer yoffe Gibbons.
  6. Dennis Hopkins is involved with the possibly illegal debt relief operation being sold to U.S. consumers.
  7. Money that is obtained from U.S. consumers is transferred to Nevada, then Fiji and then Thailand.
  8. There is no evidence of consumers actually receiving the debt relief services sold. Some statement of your performance data would be potentially beneficial.
  9. The addresses in Nevada and Texas are both virtual offices and you do not work out of those offices.
  10. You are employed by Bio Fuels but conduct business for NEBG and UEBG on behalf of Gibbons/yoffe.

In response to my email I instead received a threatening email from Tim Gibbons as CEO of Bio-Fuels International who states they have “thousands of clients.” he also stated, “We have clients dating back 6 years who are debt free and on to productive lives.” That is an interesting statement since United Employee Benefits, LLC was only registered in Nevada on June 9, 2009 and I am unable to locate any California registration to do business for National Employee Benefits Group.

Gibbons stated, “Yet you spout as if having call centers around the world is somehow unusual in today’s climate.” For the record the issue of this story is not that they have a foreign call center but that the companies are not transparent in their operations and there are significant questions regarding their registrations and licensing as debt relief companies.

Tim Gibbons also stated, “In closing I find it incredible that you have not looked into the experience of the very person you have been literally been staking since December. Is it not relevant to you the 10 plus years of experience in running a major collections company.” And I don’t have a clue what he is talking about or who he is alleging ran a major collection company on his staff.

In the email from Tim Gibbons he said, “You are hereby formally notified to CEASE and DESIST all unsubstantiated comments on your blog as well as exercise extreme caution in what you take as truth when listening to those you have no way of vetting,” and “You are to cease all communications with our staff and secure yourself an attorney as you will be needing one immediately.”

My Email Back to Tim Gibbons

I am more than happy to give you a chance to answer allegations that have been uncovered and allow readers to hear your side of the story.

And if you want to pursue a non-issue, please have your attorney contact my attorney.

Chris Livingston Esq.
PO Box 220
White Oak NC 28399
910 876-7001

I have no idea what you are talking about when you say “In closing I find it incredible that you have not looked into the experience of the very person you have been literally been staking since December. Is it not relevant to you the 10 plus years of experience in running a major collections company.” Who has experience running a collections caompany and where is that company located so I can verify your claims.

It is interesting that you do not deny that Rick Stone is really Rakesh Chand who purports to be providing services in both Nevada and Texas but no mention is made of his actual location in Fiji and Thailand.

Payment /Compliance Processing Center:
8871 W. Flamingo Road, Suite 202
Las Vegas, NV 89147

Executive Division:
2800 Post Oak Blvd, Suite 4100
Houston, TX 77056

But according to the State of Nevada there is no company called United Employee Benefits Group. There is however a company called United Employee Benefits, LLC that is owned by Tim Gibbons and Jennifer Yoffe at the address above.

Despite the claims that the company is located in Texas, there is no registration to do business on file with the State of Texas for this company.

As I say in the piece, Gibbons is reported to have accomplished telephone deregulation in Fiji and opened the way for better competition which lowered the costs of telephone services to consumers. For that he is loved by many in Fiji. At some point Telpac started selling debt relief services. The BBB reports Telpac Financial Solutions under Gibbons opened in 2006 in Texas at 5956 Sherry Ln Ste 1000, Dallas, TX 75225-8021.

UBEG has been allegedly sending out the attached unsolicited fax a consumer sent in recently. The fax appears to be in violation of FCC rules regarding unsolicited faxes and claims to offer “pre-legal financial restructuring,” credit card payment reduction, home loan modifications, and mortgage balance reductions and appears to be a benefit sanctioned by the recipients employer.

Calls in response to this fax result in pitches for debt relief services to consumers.

And National Employee Benefits Group that promotes similar services claims to be located at the same address as BioFuels International at:

795 Folsom Street
First Floor
San Francisco, CA 94107

But the State of California has no company under that name authorized to do business.

Maybe there are innocent explanations for all of this, and I’d love to include them in my piece so you can be heard.

Most importantly, please send me back your FTC compliant performance claims for the debt relief services you have been soliciting. It is important for consumer to know the “success” rate you claim for the different debt relief services you are selling. If you need help determining how to calculate the success rate you can see http://business.ftc.gov/documents/bus72-debt-relief-services-telemarketing-sales-rule-guide-business

Perhaps the most puzzling question is why would someone who seemingly has gained so much with the fitness clubs in Thailand and the bio fuel business in Fiji be risking it all to sell unregistered and seemingly unlicensed debt relief services?

After 24 hours, no reply has been received.

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P.S. Bonus video shot by their house by Tim Gibbons that shows himself and wife, Jennifer yoffe, in the lime green top.

YouTube player

Update 3-15-2012

Just received the following email from Tim Gibbons as CEO of Bio-Fuels International. I’m posting it online so there is no doubt that he has a chance to be heard.

Are you seriously of the opinion that you print information that is false and its my job to disprove it and because someone said it to you that you’re somehow absolved? I have never been deported from Fiji! I never was involved in a scam telcom in Fiji ( which is easily seen by googling Telpac) All of this was within your ability to vet yet you printed this garbage. Further you are banking on the concept that what my companies offer meets your definition of debt relief and therefore comes under state regs as such for whichever state they are being offered. These are giant leaps and they are reckless to say the least. I have been to the US many times and in fact was just there a few months ago for a court child custody hearing. So again you are printing extremely false statements from an admitted criminal that is involved as we speak in criminal fraud. You are painting an image of me that is unfounded and it is done so with reckless disregard. If you think I am going to just sit here and allow you to disrespect me and my wife you are insane Rhodes. My attorney will be in touch with your attorney and he himself will be able ot testify to my physical presence in the states as I have just as many financial interests there as abroad. You have seriously crossed a line that a retraction wont even let you off the hook of at this moment. But as an officer fo Biofuels International I am telling you that you are posting stolen proprietary information that is not at all supporting a single claim that you make. Those documents stand on their own as employees of Biofuels International and have nothing to do at all with any of the debt relief services. surely you are not so ignorant as to see that we are not at all hiding our lives or our investments. we are very proud of our commitment to energy and quite frequently talk about these organizations with our clients as to why I work so much abroad. We do not advertise our Fiji call center on our website simply because it equates to a fraction of the communications performed for our companies. I don’t find that sinister at all as no company I know of advertises their india call centers such as FORD or GM.
The real issue here Rhodes is where are the victims here. Clearly your former employee will tell you that we have more than a 1000 active clients. While keeping everyone happy is always our pursuit its not logical. What is a fact is that not one has ever filed litigation or found any cause that leads to the word scam being used ion the same sentence as our company. So why all the effort on your part when not one former client has raised any flags to the point an ongoing scheme is among us?
I demand you pull this crap down and I’ll calm down enough to maybe work through a few conversations with you but this all needs to come down today. In exchange for that Ill provide you with the employee details so you will see that you were deceived. Ill show you the fraudulent letter that got her and her paralegal boyfriend caught by the Embassy as well as a copy of her termination letter that shows what she is in trouble for.
No matter how you cut this Steve you are well past defamation here and if this is not pulled down today there is no turning back that I can assure. One thing that is obvious here is that I have vast resources and if you are found to be guilty of defamation you have to realize the impact of every minute you left these horrible lies up after being told the information is factually incorrect. No media exist at all to support deportation yet there are more than 50 articles stating our battle in Fiji. we took on gov head on so how the hell could we be a scam. This is simply reckless and you allowed it to be printed when you had the ability to find out it was false… That’s the facts. There are no laws that protect against that neglect Steve

My response back to Gibbons:

I have updated the post with your statement so readers can hear from you.

If you can take a deep breath, it is probably more logical for you to simply respond to the allegations the tipster (send in your tips here), not me, raised. My questions raised are very simple and sourced regarding registrations and organizations.

I would imagine future potential clients would probably rather see you responding without threats and address the issues raised and that can give you positive PR.

Pick a point I made and I’ll gladly post your answer to it on the story for reader to hear from you. I’m also happy to make any correction or fix anything I said that was in error.

Would you like for me to send you a bullet point list to answer?

The tipster (send in your tips here) bears the responsibility for their comment but I urge you to respond, in a level headed way, to any point you feel the tipster (send in your tips here) submitted that is in error as well.

You will see the story actually sources the story that says you had been detained, not deported. if you feel that is incorrect as well, please respond.

Update 3-16-2012

Another updated message from Tim Gibbons. Again, in the interest of fairness I’m publishing it here.

You are printing defamatory comments that can easily be verified as fictitious. You are hiding behind a person you call a tipster (send in your tips here) that offers no means of proof about any of these allegations. I have consulted not only our legal teams sir but outsourced it as well and I am being told that you have seriously crossed the line. I have no obligation to answer any of your questions as you have not produced anything that warrants us defending. You have no victims yet we are being shown in a light that is defamatory to say the least. Not one shred of evidence supports anything you allow to be stated. This is far from you stating a tipster (send in your tips here). I am responding as Tim Gibbons yet you have no one standing up for these statements. Your raskesh Chand that you show as being deported is not the Rakesh Chand that works for us either. So all of your story is completely false my friend. The burden of supporting such statements falls on you not us. We are compiling the evidence now that will deal with you in a formal filing more than likely resulting in an ex-parte order to start. Our attorneys are contacting your attorneys shortly.
In regards to telling me to respond calmly you are sadly mistaken if you think I will calmly address issues when I have a wife sitting here humiliated and crying over these kind of allegations being said about her. Have you no shred of decency. Has it escaped you that even your tipster (send in your tips here) alludes to hundreds of clients yet none of them ever citing us for defrauding them. Has this not raised your eyebrow. That speaks volumes not your opinion on speculating as to what those relationships are.
Your tipster (send in your tips here) you can not even verify as legitimate. She wont even disclose her real name to you even though we know who it is you do not.
Lets be clear about something. People pay for a service that is productive for them. Who the hell are you to tell them or us otherwise. Do you knot know the lobby that stands in the way of people getting real information that helps them. If you had any sense at all the reality that our people get results and dont go crying to regulators even with things not necessarily always going their way speaks bigger volumes about us even if your assertions were correct. Lets face it, isnt your site there to keep people from getting screwed over and taken advantage of. well if you don’t have people screaming then whats that tell you. Are you so arrogant as to say you know better than them. Surely you have been around long enough to know that when people dont get their value they raise all sorts of hell. Factor in a company that is potentially deceiving people and PEOPLE have AG’s, FTC and all other options not to mention BBB and others. Yet we don’t appear on any of those radars. You have to ask yourself why? You have been writing about us for quite some time yet all you can complain about is a fax you call unsolicited. Yet in all your rants and writings not a single person screaming they were scammed. So Steve its you that needs to listen to your own blog. There are no victims rallying behind you Steve. This is where somehow you have lost your way. what I am sure started out as a legitimate endeavor in having this blog has turned into a vicious witch hunt that exposed nothing but the fact you have lost your way my friend. Since when in your history has anyone had to prove a lie is a lie as opposed to the truth being supported by facts. You have no victims Steve, you have no client complaints, you have no one calling foul. If you had, then you had an insider showing where things were done inappropriately that would be a matter worth addressing. BUT that does not exist here. What you have is an admitted crook you call a tipster (send in your tips here), that has admitted to felony theft of more than 500.00 from our company, admitted to fraudulently using company letterhead to make false statements to the US Embassy ( and is now barred from the US) that is about to be arrested under these very charges that stole information she was not ever authorized to have access to ( that is all legal and legally run and registered) in an attempt to open a company to compete with us upon her entry into the US. You have allowed her this platform to defame us without question even though we have told you that all this is false and most of it is public information that you could have verified before printing ( such as warrants and our entering the US). Further, you never once reached out to me to ever attempt to get the truth before posting any of these despicable untruths. The fact you never attempted to contact me before running this is just a highlight to your unscrupulous behavior. Especially when mentioning innocent people like me wife who you have no idea her role in any of these companies. You think for one minute I owe you something like a response. Look Steve you need to do some serious evaluating of your principles and try and remember what your goal is here. Is it to victimize people you may not understand or to protect the public? Everyone gets sideways from time to time but its time to take a serious inventory and get real here. You are hurting some innocent people and for what? Your gut?

Fiji News

Update November 10, 2014

A reader said I left out some information and provided a link to this court ruling 968 F. 2d 639 – United States v. B Gibbons.

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