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I Just Completed My Bankruptcy But I Have Lingering Bills and Creditors. – Carlynn

“Dear Steve,

Well, I completed bankruptcy in November, 2011. I still have some hanging bills/creditors I need to clear and close out and I am in a worried, stressful situation where I have ran out of financial aid to complete my doctorates program at Argosy Atlanta University. I have applied for loans and have been denied. I am wondering if I can consolidate all of my bills and refinance my home to have fund to complete school in which I should finish if money comes by 2013. I have never refinanced my mortgage before with Bank of America. I just want to do this and pay one (1) bill which will take care of everything monthly. Bank of American has my mortgage and I am very good in that area. Please if possible what can I do? is there any help for someone like me?


Dear Carlynn,

Before I can give you an answer, can you please clarify these remaining debts? Were they not included in your bankruptcy? How much do you owe and what kind of creditors are they?

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