I Keep Calling Financial Assistance Group But Not Getting Anywhere. – Susan

“Dear Steve,

I was also duped by Bruce Abernathy. I paid into his scam for 3 years and none of my accounts has been settled. I call them and they don’t call back or they tell me that the longer I wait, the better the deal they can make. They now call themselves, “Financial Assistance Group, Inc”. I sent in a claim to the Kentucky Bar Association but don’t know if I’ll be able to get any of my money back.

How do I go about paying back this debt? Should I try to negotiate with the credit card companies or just settle however they suggest?


Dear Susan,

I’m guessing that you actually meant Bruce Atherton, formerly of Debt Restructuring of America. Here is the link to past stories involving him.

It sounds to me that you’ve tried diligently to remedy your issues and complaints with the company. It might be time to try a more formal process. Please review this guide and consider following it to try and get some positive results.

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Steve Rhode
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