Is the Saltzman Law Group a Reputable Company? – Elizabeth

“Dear Steve,

I am/was working with Saltzman Law Group and Global Financial Solutions. I’m getting a little concerned that I don’t receive any monthly statements and their local office in Maryland closed within the past six months. I don’t know if its a reputable firm. Hope you can help me. I have four open credit card accounts, the other four have been settled.

Is Saltzman Law Group a reputable company?


Dear Elizabeth,

It is concerning that you have no regular accounting of what is going on.

My suggestion would be for you to first call Global Client Solutions and inquire about the status of your account and balance. Technically that account belongs to you and you have access to any funds that are in it. Make sure that the balance of funds you think is in your account is about what you would expect.

It is very odd that the only posts I found online were primarily posts on this site. Where did the Saltzman Law Group website go?

It looks like Saltzman Law Group might actually be Saltzman Law Group, PLLC in Carefree, Arizona. The State of Arizona says they are still an active company and he is a member of the State Bar. Best I could find the phone number for them is (480) 488-0019.

The mailing address appears to be:

PO BOX 2336

There is surprising little public information on the Saltzman Law Group and that alarms me.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.


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1 thought on “Is the Saltzman Law Group a Reputable Company? – Elizabeth”

  1. I entered in an agreement with the Saltzman/Global Client Solutions about 18 months ago. As of yesterday I terminated with them. My checking account has been drafted monthly and not one of the 3 accounts placed with them has been paid. I have never had any written accounting of what they have actually have done for me.  Asking for this information is pointless. The first 4x I called them the same woman answered the phone and I could not speak with any “lawyer” I could write a small story about this useless agency/law group.  I was told by Alvin, i am negotiating with ____for you.  I had received a court summons. Do not go to court I am working with their lawyers.  The next conversation i had …i called them..”did you go to court? end of story.  they did zero to help me. STAY AWAY FROM THEM. I USED THE MARYLAND OFFICE TO SET UP MY SETTLEMENT WITH. i am now going to the state bar in AZ.


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