Prudent Law Group – Consumer Complaint – 4-12-2012

Date This Problem Happened: January 12, 2012

State You Live in: Florida

Race/Ethnicity: White

Age Range: 36-50

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $5,995

Company Name: Prudent Law Group

Company Address:


Company Telephone Number: 866-748-9506

Website of Company: prudentlawgroup.com

Consumer Statement:

Prudent Law Group sent me letter stating that I may qualify for a loan modification reduction. I called them and they said that I do qualify for the HAMP program and that to start the process I need to send $5,995 as an upfront fee. I then sent them all the information they requested so that they could negotiate with my lender. Mr. Mike Zadeh told me never to speak with the bank if they should call me, that he would handle all their requests for information. After two months I called Prudent and they told me that I did not qualify for the HAMP because I was current on my mortgage. They basically did nothing short of nothing in trying to negotiate with my lender.

Consumer Action Taken:

I told Prudent that nothing short of a full refund would satisfy me and that if they did not do this I would go to the federal authorities and report them for running a loan modification scam. Also, I have tried to contact Pamela Gressier with no luck. I did send her an email about my complaint and told her that unless I get a full refund I would report her to the California Bar Asscoiation. Mr. Zadeh has tried to redirect me to other possible programs none of which will work for me like filing with the US Treasury to get my lender to negotiate. That is unacceptable not only because it is time consuming but because I do not trust these people. THEY BASICALLY TOOK MY MONEY AND DID NOTHING!!

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7 thoughts on “Prudent Law Group – Consumer Complaint – 4-12-2012”

  1. What you have here is Mail Fraud in its simplicity as defined under Title 18 subsection 1341 For those who sent funds via “Wire Transfer” across State Lines to California, also include subsection 1343.

  2. I too was taken by Prudent Law Group for $3500. The promised to lower my payment at least $600 per month and after all of the modification was said and done it went down $50. We then contacted our lender on our own and were able to work out a modification much better than the one that Prudent Law Group did. What a scam!! All you want to do is save your home and some people like this look to come make a quick buck. DO NOT TRUST THEM!!! They will take your money! Call your loan company yourself and speak with someone in loss mitigation and do this on your own.

    • We are going throught this now too with Prudent Law group.  PLG is telling me tht I should not contact the bank directly mean while the bank has contacted us 3 times asking us for the same information b/c they have not received it.  PLG is saying that I shouldn’t trust the bank and its a tactic that they are using.  I don’t trust PLG and now we are probably out $4000.  We got the same mailing that looked like the bank was contacting us. It was PLG instead.

  3. I got this in the mail from this place.  It’s Prudent Law Group in California.  They sent me a notice pretending to be my mortgage company.    Here is what the Better Business Bureau says about them.

    Advertising Review Complaints and Charges:  Prudent Law Group

    On February 28, 2012, we wrote to this company asking them about a deceptive mailer used to solicit clients for loan modifications which appear to be sent by their lender or a government agency. We also asked them to provide and explanation how they are able to advise clients of pre-approval for the HAMP package; why they are not BAR registered in the States which they solicit business; and why they are collecting advance fees for services. The company responded on March 7, 2012 by advising the Bureau that the mailer in question was sent without the authority or approval of their law firm, and has since been revised. A copy of the revised mailer was not provided. The company contends that loan modifications are not considered the practice of law, thus they are not required to be BAR registered in the State where the client resides. They also claim they do not ask for advance fees, but rather post dated checks which can be returned if services are not performed as agreed. We believe that foreclosures, which are governed by state law, are almost always an issue with modifications because most people stop paying their mortgage when they’re upside down. Some states require judicial foreclosures and others have non-judicial foreclosures and a lawyer who isn’t licensed in another state cannot properly advise a client who may be faced with a foreclosure.

    Additional Information

    BBB file opened: 11/28/2011

    Agency: California State BAR License Number: 140353 Status: Active
    Contact Information
    Matthew Sertuns – Director

        Matthew Brinks ()Pamela Gerber-Gressier (Attorney)

    Number of Employees


    Alternate Business Names
    Prudent Law GroupDuarte, Gressier & Menezes, LLP. Union Law Group

    The BBB suggests that consumers be wary of attorneys offering loan modification services with advertisements that do not expressly identify by name the attorney who is responsible for the business. In some cases, office staff will not readily identify by name the attorney responsible for oversight of the business. Other signs of possible problems may be that the attorney in charge of the office is too busy or not willing to meet personally with prospective clients. Often these firms may advise the homeowner to stop paying the existing mortgage, or they make unsubstantiated advertising claims that sound too good to be true. Some of these claims might include a, “90 or 100 percent rate of success in obtaining loan modifications, or claims that a reduction in the mortgage principal is likely to be achieved. Avoid Attorneys that demand payment of a large fee, even before obtaining a prospective client’s basic income and expense information, and information about the existing mortgage and present home value. If you reside in another State keep in mind the attorney is required to be licensed to practice law in the state where the consumer resides. Consumers having a problem with the attorney handling their loan modification may contact the State Bar at 1-800-843-9053 or visit the State Bar’s Web site at http://www.calbar.ca.gov to find a complaint form.

    Additional Complaint Information

    Complainants allege they receive direct mail advertisments deceptively designed to look like notices from their lenders concerning eligibility for a loan modification. Clients complain the company asks them to wire money in advance of providing services, but fails to complete agreements. Most complainants request refunds. The company responds to complaints by offering explanations, or indicating they have resolved issues with the client. In a few cases the company offered to re-open the file and continue trying for a more favorable outcome for the client. Refunds were not issued. Most complaints are pending.


  4. How is Damian Kutzner not in prison? This is a scam. It was initially United Law Group, with several attorneys being in trouble with the California Bar and Sean Alan Rutledge being disbarred. The firm was raided by the FBI, but like the Phoenix, it resurrected into the the Brookstone Law Firm. (Based at 4500 Campus Drive, Newport Beach, CA)

    Brookstone Law Group, which is another scam perpetuated by one of the lead former attorneys of United Law Group (Vito Torchia Jr.)  Now, Damian is operating in Florida from California and using the same (4500 Campus Drive address)? He has been in trouble with the Law, and has several judgments against him, yet he still operates.

    I am not a client, and have no monetary interest in the firm. I have read from several reputable blogs, newspapers, etc. of what Damian has done. This company ruins lives. They should NOT be allowed to operate.

    Does anyone know if the California or Florida Bar has initiated proceedings against either Prudent or Brookstone, as it has done with United Law Group?

  5. I find it terribly difficult to believe that this is a one off situation, and a case of one unhappy customer.  This is especially so, due to the fact that my father was taken in the exact same fashion less than a month ago.  He was told outright, that he qualified for the HAMP program, and was subsequently told that Prudent had attempted negotiation with Welld Fargo, but they were unwilling to accommodate.  Furthermore, in conversations with my fathers lenders, they have no record of an application or any discussion with any legal representation from Prudent Law Group.  Quite the scam these guys have going.

  6. Out of the many
    clients Prudent Law Group services and with whom I correspond, hundreds through
    the year, I can identify the unnamed client of this complaint, one I have
    corresponded with via email. He is the sole client, who, after seeking our
    services to obtain a loan modification and after five months of our diligently
    working on his file (well documented), has obtained an approved modification,
    but wants his money back.

    Mr. H, seeking a loan
    modification, signed an agreement that detailed the services he would receive
    for the money he was to pay. Mr. H, a financial planner, did receive the
    services for which he paid–a successful loan modification that lowered his
    interest rate–but now demands with threats his money back. Would Mr. H, after
    performing financial planning services for a client, refund the money to the
    client because the client asked for it even though the client received the

    After explaining
    the above position to Mr. H and affording him opportunity to detail his
    dissatisfaction (his demand was merely threats to report me to the authorities
    and a complaint that “services were never rendered”), he refused to
    inform me of his reasons by merely repeating his demand.

    While the news
    years back was filled with predatory loan modification “outfits” and
    laws were enacted to deal with those victimizing distressed homeowners, there
    are now many legitimate businesses that assist people in need to obtain loan
    modifications, and those businesses are on the rise. Prudent Law Group helps
    people keep their homes with successful loan modifications and other relief
    afforded daily. As with any business, there will be unsatisfied clients for various
    reasons, including a bad reason or no reason at all.


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