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Checking Out Solicitation By Brookstone Law. – Gene

“Dear Steve,

I just discovered your website while doing the background work on my solicitation by Brookstone, PLC, as stated in my recent (todays 4/19/2012) blog.The work you are doing is truly helpful and I for one am very grateful for this expertise.

Is Vito Torchia Jr. a “hero of the day ” or a goat? All I and the others want to do is get some mortgage justice, not another scam.



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Dear Gene,

If you received a mailer a solicitation from any firm wanting to assist you with your mortgage you need to evaluate the solicitation for what it is, as a sales pitch. The goal for companies to reach out is to try to interest you in whatever their widget is. In this case it seems like it might have been something about a mortgage.

When you are talking to any company trying to sell you mortgage intervention services it makes sense to get a second opinion before forking over a lot of money. One place you can inquire and get free advice is from a local HUD Housing Counselor. Alternatively you can contact a local real estate attorney and ask for a second opinion about your situation.

I think you are referring to my post Vito Torchia Jr. of Brookstone Law is My Hero Today for Laying Out the Mass Joinder History. That statement was accurate, he was my hero that day for laying out the behind the scenes workings of the then mass joinder scam.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.

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  • Dont…Please don’t go to Brookstone Law. I am an honest homeowner. If you understand that they pitch something to you and switch by the time the contract is in front of you. Don’t sign their contract…please. Mass Joinder gives them control of the allocation of the money according to the contract I have…don’t do it.

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