Sands Tourism – Benjamin & Ryan Holdings Scam – Documentation

The Sands Tourism, “You’ve Won” scam is still going along and people are still falling for it and losing money. Thankfully a wonderful reader has just sent in pictures of some of the marketing material so I can post it and warn you about it.

If you ever get a solicitation that you have won money but need to pay some fee in advance, throw it away. It’s the same classic scam that has been floating around for years and collectively people have lost billions of dollars falling for it.

Below you will find photos supplied from the reader of the pitch they sadly fell for and lost money.

The money the consumer lost was sent to China via Western Union. The receiver was Kok Lon Yap MTCN 335-211-2780, Min Lon Tan MTCN 837-670-0724.

If you receive such a scam offer and would like to report it you can use this form.


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The reader shared this as well.


This is my story I bin working so hard for my living I work as a Heavy Equipment Operator supervisor for 35 years and never bin in this kind situation in my life before I should never look or open my mail I should just live my mail along and I don’t have to be in this place in my mail I found a christmas envelop it say marry Christmas in side the envelop had two scratch and win good luck ticked on 11-20-2011 when I scratch one ticked it say thank you the other one it say you won 2 place so I call the number that was on the ticked SANDS TOURISM in Malaysia +6011-1615-7568 or 9 the person I had bin contact with in sands tourism is Harold Lau his email is harold.lau@sandstouism.com Harold Lau ask me to send him the trucking number on the ticked so they can bare-fight the number and to log it in so I did that I send it to them then Harold Lau call me back and his going to let his boss know about it that they got a winner wild I was waiting for them to call me back I was looking on the back of the ticked it say Benjamin and Ryan Holding Platinum Sponsor so I look at googol and P.C.H search and I found them and there number is +0852-6505-8190 When I Found Benjamin and Ryan Holding it say there contact us that’s the same number Harold gave me to contact Jacky Kong and Jacky Kong work for Benjamin and Ryan Holding and Robert Ho and mink yon or lung as for sands tourism it was Harold Lau and Shawn Lim. When Jacky Kong call me he said I need to pay 3.600.00 to hold the winning money and the lawyer to do all the paper work from the bank to the tax to the court Jacky Kong said that’s the law in our country In Hong Kong I said ok and I send the money to them from western union thats were they ask me to send the next day Jacky Kong call me and said he had send out his accountant to go and do the tax when the guy came back he was very angry at me he said how come I did not tell him that am not a member to his company I told him I told Jack Kong toll him he said no won told him so he just told me that I need to pay 4.800.00 for the tax I call Jacky Kong again I ask him why do I have to pay for that amount again he said cause you are not a member you need to pay cause if you a member you only pay 100.00 that our law in our company and our country in Hong Kong I understand ok I send them the money again when I did that Jacky Kong said our banking will call you and the money will be deposit to your count and when there banking call me he’s name is kingly and ask me all my information bank and my driver license number my date of birth and my bank account number and my tracking account number I gave it to him after I gave it to him kingly said to me I need to pay 2% of the winning that will be 2.400.00 I did the same thing calling Jacky Kong again and telling him about it Jacky said who did you talk to i said kingly he tell me the same thing it’s there company law I send them again and I ask him is this is it he said yes I think so you got to make sure the next day again kingly call and ask me questions to verify that kingly talking to the right person so I answer him at the same time he told me I still have to pay 3.200.00 for the transition from one bank to other cause they don’t won to be responsible if the money got lost and that the bank law I call Jacky Kong again I told him this is going to much Jacky Said that’s the banks ruled I send them the money again and when kingly call and told me that I still have to pay 3.100.00 for the western union that when I stop and I said I’ll call you up so when I call the FBI they said don’t give them anymore money cause there are a Scammer they not going to give you your winning or your money back I was so hart cause I believe them I never new this think happen this is my first time I don’t even know anything about the computer I never got in it cause I really don’t know how to use it only last year when I got me a pathfinder that’s when they gave me IPhone 4 even that I still don’t use it only to make a call cause am very busy of my work when I call Jacky Kong and ask his can I receive my winning money cause your company asking to much I have noting to give anymore I Lost everything Then Jacky Kong said let me talk to my boss see what can we do to help you I said ok thank you I already know what the FBI say to me but I just want to know what are they going to do when Jacky Kong said to give them 14 days I already know that I wound be hearing from them again Do you want to know how did they scam our country and our Island they come in as a worker and as a visitor they stared taking picture finding out how to mail a letter just to get the post office name then they take the box number see they only know the box number but they don’t know the name of the owner that’s how they scam our country and our Island Benjamin and Ryan Holding is a SPY I hope Someone will stop them and take there License away from them but before they do that make them pay to the people they own and hart and premiss to there life let them and there family feel how to have noting lost everything those kind of people there not fit to enter our country and our Island they just going to destroy our people…. For the people…. And the people this is our Family like What Jacky Kong Said to me as we the Benjamin and Ryan Holding and Sands Tourism company we all don’t give a dame what people say about us they are not a member to our company so we don’t care anyway every-time I call Benjamin and Ryan Holding and I say my name they just hang the phone down all am trying to say is beware of this company Benjamin and Ryan Holding in Hong Kong they are a SPY I wonder how many people they hart and how many lost there life cause of them I’ll be one of them to lost there life I really don’t won to stared all over again I lost everything I work for I lost my children love I lost the people I care and trust on me the bank toke my two new car my home I really lost everything I have now the people are looking for me cause I own them money and am going to jail am to old to go to jail when that time come I will take my life first before I go to jail cause I own the bank how can I pay the people and the bank when Benjamin and Ryan Holding toke my life away

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5 thoughts on “Sands Tourism – Benjamin & Ryan Holdings Scam – Documentation”

  1. Dear stave I wish people that seen this people that work for Benjamin and Ryan Holding and Sands Tourism how they look like and they know what they doing to just come forward and let us know what kind of people they are so the law can stop this want’s and for all just look how many people saying the same thing and geting the same ticket geting hart the same company over and over again why can the law find this people you know when they go and pick the money from the western union you have to show your license stard from there pick them up one by one I know they can do it…….thank you Stave for been there for us

  2. Dear stave This are the people thats part of the SCAM JUN-WAI-WONG KING SLEY KOK-LON-YAP MIN-LON-TAN SHAWN-LIM ROBERT-HO MEI-YI-WONG JACKEY-KONG HAROLD-LAU This are the people that’s work with Benjamin And Ryan Holding and Sands Tourism

  3. Dear Stave Am Disabled right I cannot work anymore cause of my accident at work and am only receiving SS which I inform Benjamin and Ryan Holding about it and all the said we don’t care who you or what you are as long as you not a member our company I know I make a big mistake fallen for it I really don’t know anything about a scam am really herting so bad cause I don’t know were to go and what to do. Now everytime someone send me something or tell me something I just said to my self FUCK I don’t believe you. You just a SCAMMER I just move away from it Anyway STAVE THANK YOU FOR LISTENING TO ME I just wish someone will help me and I can have my Children back again even my children I lost it because I make that big mistake for all you out there don’t be like me fallen for something that insin there just be you stay away from the offer there just out to get you it just a scam and a SCAMMER just beware of them don’t be like me that’s so stuip and dum to fall for what Benjamin and Ryan Holding and Sands Tourism to offer never never trust them

    • If you have not done it already, you may want to contact your local law enforcement department and file a criminal report. It’s just one more thing you can do to try and build some momentum towards hopefully resolving or preventing this from happening to others.

      • Dear stave I really don’t know how to go about it even just writeing to you am crying cause it really hert am disabled I can not work anymore and it’s cold out here I know I make a big mistake for not know what’s going on out there this is my first time knowing what SCAMMER really is for all you out there don’t be like me stay away from thouse add there not real they just out to get you and hert you like me they just a scam and a SCAMMER I even lost my children and I really don’t how to get them back Benjamin and Rayn Holding took everything away from me so don’t be like me I fall for it BELIVing them and trust them now were am at they laft me out cool wa’ll they sleeping warm bad and eating warm meal with your money and have a good small about you and you on the other hand hunger and cold


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