Can I Remove My Father as a Cosigner On My Student Loans So I Can Build My Own Credit? – Rodell

“Dear Steve,

I’d first like to thank everyone for taking the time for viewing and reading my question- So, I took a student loan out for about 45k back in 05 and I have been very good in paying my loan down, I have not been late at all yet. ( knocks on wood ) with that being said I have about 13k left and i can see the light at the end of the tunnel already. So my question is, since my father co signed for me can I remove him out of this loan that way I can build my credit?


Dear Rodell,

You can always ask them but I bet the answer will be, no. Typically the lender will hold onto the cosigner till the loan is satisfied. But a student loan doesn’t really do a lot to build credit. You are much better offer starting with a secured credit card, which does not put you in debt, and build your credit that way.

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