The Borrower Never Made a Single Payment on a Navient Private Student Loan and I’m Stuck With It as the Co-Signer

Question: Dear Steve, I am a co-signer on a Navient Private Student Loan. When this loan was originated, I was working a full-time job. I am 63 years old and I am presently receiving social security benefits (1,400.00) per month. I was making the monthly payment toward this loan of $500.00 per month for years. … Read more

What Will Happen After the 2020 Election to My Cosigned Student Loans?

Question: Dear Steve, My son has federal and personal student loans. I cosigned for the loans. If some of the new ideas for student loan forgiveness or whatever happens after the 2020 elections, do you have any thoughts on how the cosigner will be affected? Elaine Answer: Dear Elaine, Excellent question. I can only give … Read more

My Sister Passed Away and Was My Private Student Loan Cosigner

Question: Dear Steve, Hi I’m 37 years old and have over 100,000 dollars in private student loans that my sister co-signed with me on she passed away a long time ago and I have noticed that after defaulting on the student loans for over ten years the loans do not show up on my credit … Read more

My Dear Friend Discovered She Co-Signed for a Student Loan She Can’t Afford

Question: Dear Steve, Asking this for a dear friend who co-signed her son’s student loan and now he has defaulted on the loan. She was unaware. Her son supposedly consolidated other loans but states he “thought” this one was included. Well, it wasn’t. She is greatly distressed. She can’t get any real answers from her … Read more

I Cosigned for a Student Loan a Decade Ago and Now They Want Me to Pay the Full Balance Due

Question: Dear Steve, Co-signed a student loan for someone back in 2009-2010 for about 25,000. Forgot all about the loan but got a letter from Transworld yesterday saying I need to pay $47,000 (interest 7.4%) within 30 days to dispute it or will be considered a valid debt. Currently, they are not reporting to credit … Read more