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Can I Get My Truck My Father-In-Law Cosigned For In The Divorce? – Daryll

“Dear Steve,

Can I get the truck my father in law co signed for me, now that my wife and i are getting a divorce?


Dear Daryll,

If the truck is in your name alone then it’s your truck. If the truck is titled in your names and your wife’s name then that would be a matter of how you divide your property in the divorce.

The fact your father-in-law cosigned for the loan is not related to the divorce in any way. Your divorce will not alter the financing agreement and he may not like it but he’s stuck on that loan till it’s paid.

I’m sure he cosigned on the loan to try and do a good thing and help you out. Just make sure you keep your loan current so it does not negatively impact his credit.

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  • steve, this answer is not correct in a community property state such as California, Texas and Florida.  it doesn’t matter if the wife is on the note or not – she is a co-owner

    • You are correct. Thanks for making that clarification. I had just assumed they were not in a community property state since they did not mention any state.

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