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I Can’t Afford My Truck Payment But Don’t Want to Lose My Truck. – Sarah

“Dear Steve,

My company use to generate a good amount of money to where I can pay my truck on time and some times more. But this last year or so, not so much. My truck was alomst repo ounce and was able to avoid it. I make the payments but every other month now and/or late on the month the payment is due. The bank is tierd to the point where they said that quote “we will excersise our rights”..meaning repo or what, I don’t know. I owe less then what it is worth, so I know I’m not upside down on my truck.

I can’t affold to lose the truck but I also cant afford to pay it either. I want to file bankrupcy but unfortantly I’m a sole prop and I’m afraid I will lose everything if I file. Do you have any ideas?


Dear Sarah,

The most logical way to keep the truck will be to clear the decks of your other debt and leave you room to make the payment.

I hear fear in your voice about the bankruptcy potential. Your concern and worry is 100% natural and something all of us that have filed bankruptcy have felt and worked our way through.

But rather than continue to live in fear and worry, let’s take some action today that will move you towards a solution. I would suggest you find a local bankruptcy attorney and get the facts, rather than dealing with fiction, about what bankruptcy will mean for you.

The bankruptcy consultations are typically free and the bankruptcy attorney is not there to judge you in any way. They’ve heard so many stories and situations and want to help you that it is typically a safe place to turn for legal help to give you a fresh start and a second chance.

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  • I say call your lender and 9 times out of 10 they will try to work with you from experience they dont want the truck back it is too much inconvenience. try to refinance thats always a option

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