I’m Ready to Settle My Debt in Dubai. I Live in India. – Niki

“Dear Steve,

i used to live and work in dubai. In 2009 after the market crashed, i had lost my job and had to come back to india. In dubai i had credit cards from different banks. Few cards i had used in dubai and after coming back to india my financial situation was not good. So i had used few cards in India as well. Now the dubai banks ha transferred my case to the collection agency in india. They are calling me regularly for the settlement of the credit cards and threating me everytime that they will forwarding my name to Interpol.

The total amount including the principal & interest & other charges has reached upto 1,00,000 dhs. Now I am ready to settle the credit cards & make the payment as I want to go back to Dubai. But I do not know that on what amount should I get the setlement done. In total they are asking me to pay 50,000 dhs. I am unable to pay this amount as my monthly income is very low due to which i can’t pay this amount. I am asking them to give some more discount and maximum I can pay 20,000 dhs. They are not agreeing to that. So, please tell me what should I can do and also from where I can check that whether my name is in Dubai Police wanted list or not?

thanks & regards,


Dear Niki,

First off, I’m not worried about them forwarding your name to Interpol. If Interpol took on the cases of everyone that owed debt, they’d never get anything done. It’s a scare tactic.

I would suggest you contact a lawyer in Dubai to represent you. They can make the police inquiry as well. The lawyer in Dubai could also act as an intermediary with the bank to negotiate some solution.

I’m sorry that I don’t know of a specific firm to use for this but maybe contacting some friends back in Dubai and asking them for a personal referral to a lawyer would be a good place to start.

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You are doing the right thing by trying to proactively deal with the situation. A solution is possible through negotiations with your creditors before you step foot back in the country.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.


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7 thoughts on “I’m Ready to Settle My Debt in Dubai. I Live in India. – Niki”

  1. Hi steve,

    I owe 20000 Dirhams to a bank in Dubai. I lost my job and moved back to india, I am planning to immigrate to USA. I dont have a job at the moment but I have all good intentions to start paying up once I get a job. will I have a problem in going to usa from india…. Kindly answer

  2. Respected Steve sir

    In March 2009 when i come to india i have done some shopping of AED 5000   thru my Mashreq Bank credit card . I don’t have any wrong intention about repayment but when i come  in india there are a young death of my brother  in law in my native place and my family simtums is totaly disturbed so  i   resign my job and not go back to dubai . As on 13-10-2009 i have paid my credit card liability with penalty . Now i would like to confirm that there is any offence will pending on me as per UAE Law and can i go dubai with out any tension or heddick .

    Kindly give me your advice and oblige

    with regard


  3. Hi Steve, 

    How are you? thanks a lot for your reply. the information that you have provided is really helpful. I am relaxed now. I was really worried because of the situation. I will try to contact some lawyer for the same.

    thanks & regards.

    • Hi Niki, Please let me know if your issue is resolved , i am also in a same situation as you . also kindly share with me contact details of lawyer if you any . thank you.


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