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  • I received an email from a John Partridge presenter at BBC telling me that I had won the jackpot as my email address was selected blah,blah,blah! I replied to the email saying that this was a big surprise and he replied saying this was true and not a hoax andf so on and that I was give my full name, address and telephone number for the cheque and a few Nokia prizes to be shipped to me. I had to pay for shippment. This had to be don within 2 weeks otherwise the prizes will be forfeited!

    What a scam! I wanted to believe it at first because it had BBC website and John Partridge’s telephone numbers but upon further investigation I now know that it was a hoax! Thanks for alerting me to this.The email gave me this site website and so I’m here….I wonder why they gave me this website??? They also gave me another website http://www.national-lottery.co.uk

  • aqui en mi correo me pidio mis datos pero ya les envie pero quiero saber la pura verdad como esta este asuntos porque hoy en dia hay mucha estafa de dinero si es cierto por favor envieme por via sistema bancaria este Euro 1,263,584.00 GBP one millon two  hundred anda sisty su pagina web http://www.bbc.co.uk /lottery por favor señores quiero saber la verdad
    respecto este ganado soy el ganador dice segun llego en mi correo electronico.

  • llego  un mensaje en mi correo  que yo ya gane euro 1,263.584.00 con el codigo wininng No. 01 22 29 39 46 47 
    bonus No. 09
    Draw : 1723

    quiero saber como fue que yo gane esta loteria o es una estafa, quiero saber la verdad gracias

  • I am a South African and have just received a message, which I would want to believe, but feel it is not true, telling me that I have won 1 million Pounds sterling in the U.K. National Lottery in association with the Olympic Programme of the IOC – London 2012 Olympic Games.
    Letter originating from email address: [email protected] , supplied me with all the information I must supply to comply for the withdrawal of that funds. My information would consist of all my personal details a bank would normally ask,  exept they did not ask for my banking numbers. I replied to that email addressed person(s) that the email is not easy to read they must resend it.  
    How can these charlatans be caught or is it not a scam ?    

  • Dear Stave I thank you for letting us know if it’s a scam or not I just wish there more of you out there that care if only I know you sooner I know I won’t get hart at all but I just wish I know more about a computer at less I know how how to make a comment but like I said I won’t stop talking about Benjamin and Ryan Holding and Sands Tourism that that scam me and I will keep reminding the people and never forget there name that there are a big SCAMMER now my name is really bad in the bank I cannot work there no income coming in I really don’t know what to do am still out the street there no place I can call home and I still want my children back if I ever have that change to go to hong kong I will do it and take care of my problem so I can have a home so I can call my home and my children back thank you again Stave for listening to me

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