Sallie Mae – Consumer Complaint – 5-24-2012

Consumer Statement:

In 2004 fresh out of high-school I decided to go to Culinary school in Las Vegas, NV. I took $15,000.00 out in private loans from Sallie Mae. Now going through the years with less glamorous jobs then I’d though I’d have over this time and using all my forbearance and deferment time. Around this passing Thanksgiving time i made several higher payments that I really couldnt afford to become eligible for different payment programs after falling behind. So at the New Year 2012 I apply to be in the graduated payment program with 24 payments at $50.00- thinking hat I now have my foot in the door with a great company etc in two years time I’d be in a better position since I’m not so stupid anymore with some of the srltuff I’ve had to solve (umeployment, near homelessness, illnesses, etc) So, I’m making my payments feeling good about being able to do the best with what I have then in May 2012 a big snag comes up. I am notified that I am months behind and whatnot. I call Sallie Mae to see what is going on and they tell me that I was not in the Graduated payment program and I needed to pay over $600.00 (I make a little more then $1000.00 monthly but have rent, car payment etc) to get current then pay $150.00 appx mthly as my payment. I told them I have the letter hey sent me about being approved and the only answer I got from a payment specialist supervisor was it was an error. I asked how this was my problem and that I wanted to be in the graduated payment program since I was making those payments in good faith to the lettered agreement. He said hat couldn’t be allowed and so I asked about the income sensitive programs they had and what the payments wouldn’t be-—they all were $150.00 or more a month and I can’t really afford that since almost every cent counts. I said that and how it would literally not allow me to eat (ramen and peanut butter is what I mostly eat already) or wouldn’t let me have my car or gas for it (there isn’t a any public transportation by my house I rent a room in or where I work) his suggestion was to not pay rent or my car payment— it made me angry he’d say something like that! All I wanted to do was work something out so that loan would stay in good standing and let me eat.

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So how can I get this worked out? Consolidation, Default, etc?

Friends and family that are in the legal field say to just keep paying the $50.00 a month and if goes to court just explim to the judge what happened, but I’ve read horror stories relating to that.

Consumer Action Taken:

I have called and emailed haven’t heard much beyond what I wrote above—I filed a complaint with the counsumer protection bureau but Sallie Mae has stalled them with “requesting more time to determine the situation”

Date This Problem Happened: May 14, 2012

State You Live in: California

Race/Ethnicity: White

Age Range: 21-35

Total Amount of Fee Paid:

Company Name: Sallie Mae

Company Address:

P.O Box 9500
Wilke-Barre, PA 18773-9500

Company Telephone Number: 888-272-5543

Website of Company: salliemae.com

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  1. Getting a loan with Sallie Mae is possibly the worst decision I’ve ever made in my life. I racked up a debt of 100k for my interior design degree, and was only 8 classes away from graduating when I got really sick. When in the hospital we tried to tell them that I was very ill and needed all my loans deferred or forbearance for a while, and they just kept insisting I pay something, even asking if I have an aunt or uncle who will pay on my behalf. I was freaking dying over here, and they wanted me to get a ‘loan’ from my family to pay them. No compassion or empathy from this company at all! 


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