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Zwicker and Associates is a Pain to Work With. – Tommy

“Dear Steve,

As with most of the folks I’ve seen on multiple sites, I’m dealing with Zwicker and Associates. The feedback is VERY contradicting, some saying they are not a true law firm and can be ignored. I chose the opposite route and am paying them monthly, however, I am very skeptical that my money is even bringing the ‘balance’ down. I get letters mailed to my home that say the payments are being deposited (post-dated checks?) approximately 5 days before the actual payment is being deducted from my bank account. It’s all very confusing, since there is never a balance mentioned and these letters make me believe the previous month payment was somehow delayed (adding more interest?). Calling doesn’t help much either as the firm doesn’t supply very good information at all on where you currently stand in the whole ordeal. Any suggestions or references from previous questions you can supply?

Any suggestions or references concerning Zwicker and Associates from previous questions you can supply? Should I just continue along the path of payments until they advise that I’ve depleted the debt? (It feels as if I’m paying without an end in sight.)


Dear Tommy,

I contact Zwicker last week for an official comment about your situation and got no response.

I’d suggest you send a monthly or quarterly certified letter, return receipt requested, to Zwicker and ask for a detailed accounting of your payments. If this blows up it will be great evidence in your favor.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.


You are not alone. I'm here to help. There is no need to suffer in silence. We can get through this. Tomorrow can be better than today. Don't give up.

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  • Zwicker is collecting for Discover Card.  I contacted Discover card once I found out that my debt consolidation plan did not pay Discover, well, basically could NOT pay Discover since Zwicker had taken over the account.  I agree, there seems to be a huge debt involved with Zwicker.  The Discover balance was around 14k, but Zwicker said it had ‘grown’ to 16.5K.  When I contacted Discover, my intent was to just pay them since the amount never truly got consolidated.  I wrote to them and did not get a reply.  I will take your advice and write to the federal regulator of debt collections.  I appreciate all of the support you guys can give.

  • Who is Zwicker collecting for?
    The accurate accounting can be obtained that way as well.

    I am also going to suggest to you that you tell your story to the new federal regulator of debt collections:

    The CFPB has a complaint feature on their website too, but it is not clear that you are at the point of filing one… perhaps you are.

    The deal with telling your story on the CFPB site is to raise the awareness of people in the CFPB who care about how you are treated regarding financial products. They care about transparency. They care that consumers are informed. Not having an accounting of payments you are making when you request that be provided to you smacks of shady, fog shrouded dealings that Zwicker and Associates really should care about.

    Though I do not know their earnings at Zwicker and Associates, I would have to guess it is large enough that the CFPB would consider them a larger participant in the debt collection space once that rule is fully defined. It would be good if the CFPB had a consistent stream of information about debt collectors who do wrong and operate less transparently. This will help them in their efforts to protect consumers.

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