I Thought CCCS UK Was Supposed to Help Me But They Made Things a Mess. – Adele

“Dear Steve,

I am currently under the CCCS and have been for 5 years now. Since I started my Debt Mangagement Plan, I have moved home on serveral occasions, therefore along the way my old bank (of which I have a a loan with), not being able to contact me. As far as I am aware, I emailed every one of my creditors to change my address. Anyway, I had an email from CCCS saying Lloyds TSB have an old address for me and would I go in branhe to change my details, on doing so, I was asked security questions, one being, How much goes into you account each month? I replied that nothing does and that I no longer bank with them.

Anyway, after a long process it seems, the CCCS have not been paying off my loan, they have made a mistake and been paying it into my TSB current account. I recieved a letter off a debt collectors stating that I now owe over a thousand pound more than the £7,500 I originally owed 5 years ago. So, I am basically in a worse situation than I was ever in.

Can you advise me in any way? I always thought CCCS where helping me, when infact they have just made my life a mess as regards my debts. Please help.

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Dear Adele,

It does sound like CCCS UK made a mistake and sent the money with the wrong account number. You might be able to unwind this mess with Lloyds if you can find your original CCCS paperwork showing you gave them the right account.

Also, did Lloyds send you any monthly statement through the years showing the deposits into your account? I’m uncertain if this might have been exacerbated by your not keeping on top of your creditor statements. However sometimes creditors don’t send statements.

If you feel CCCS UK harmed you in anyway then you can file a complaint with the OFT and ask for help from the Financial Ombudsman. But first I’d start with CCCS UK and ask them what their position is and how they plan to fix the situation.

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