Raised in a Foster Home and Suffering With Bad Credit. – Dwayne

“Dear Steve,

As a child i grew up in foster homes. my real parents put bills in my name as i was a child no where in there life. ive tryed hard to overcome the life style i was raised till i was 13 & put in foster care but its just so hard not having family & starting with bad credit.

is there any way to over come this . ive called the gov about identinty theft & the credit people years ago . i never heard back . ive even went to my state rep. my scores now 539 im 27 i was born in 85 i have a 1500 $ gas bill from 87 & the tell me someone had permishion to use my id they wont take it off i can even get gas in my name. wow right. im a student but thats hard not having credit to help pay rent are anything i need to live. im 27 i need to turn it around quick i waont to overcome the life ive left behind thanks that guy p.s sorry so sloppy

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Dear Dwayne,

If you apply some concentrated effort and follow this process to rebuild your credit you can have good credit again.

However, it’s going to take some concentration on the task and sticking with it.

Have you actually looked at your credit report recently? That 1987 debt should not be listed on it anymore. If you’d like to check and monitor your credit score for free consider using Credit Karma to do that. Their credit score card tool can provide you with excellent advice about what specific steps you can take to improve your credit as well.

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