Apartment Complex Debt is Listed Twice on My Credit Report. – Lori

“Dear Steve,

Hello, about 4 years ago I lived in these apartments. Due to some financial problems my mother and I were faced with the fact that we needed to move. We then moved out unexpectedly. Years later I recieved a letter in the mail from the debt collections stating that I needed to pay them $1,658 (for leaving without giving notice I guess) Recently I was able to view my credit history online and noticed that the apartments were one there twice; once in 2010 and the other 2011. There are different account numbers with the same amount due. I don’t understand if I am being charger twice for this one incident. I am not arguing the fact that I need to pay them this money but I refusse to have to pay twice. I am clueless when it comes to credit.

How do I got about getting the second collections off of my credit history?


Dear Lori,

This should be able to be fixed with just a little bit of work. I would suggest you get a consolidated credit report to look at all your credit reports from the major credit bureaus in one easy to read report. This will show you exactly who is reporting this information.

Write to each of the credit bureaus that is reporting the incorrect information and let them know what is wrong. You don’t need any special format letter to do this. Send the letters by certified mail, return receipt requested so you have proof when they received your letter.

At the same time send a letter to the apartment complex and point out the mistake as well. Send this letter by certified mail, return receipt requested as well.

This should fix the issue in about 40 days. Let me know if this is still broken after you hear back.

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