Should I Believe What The Resolution Law Group Tells Me? – Larraine

“Dear Steve,

I received a letter from “The Resolution Law Group, P.C.” (quotations mine) at 500 West Putman Ave, Suite 400, Greenwich, CT, 06830. They claim to have filed a Complex Tort Action against Wells Fargo Bank, my mortgage lender, and have invited me to be a potential plaintiff in a suit for fraudulent lender/servicer actions. I live in Maryland. When I called the 800 number, I reached someone in Nevada who requested a retainer of $5,000 and a monthly payment while the suit is ongoing. They said we could also sue the bank for up to $75,000. They asked me my current payments and said they could get them lowered by about 40%. It would be great but we’re not behind and have already been declined by the bank for a lower interest rate. Is this worth it?

Do you know anything about this law firm and are they allowed to do business in three separate states like this? The deal sounds great, but it’s a lot of money up front for uncertain results. Does it sound too good to be true?


Dear Larraine,

The pitch you got sounds like the same wildly discredited mass joinder sales pitch that has been closed down in other states. Click here for past articles on this.

Of all the people sold into such a program I can’t remember an example of anyone that got the promised result.

Let’s take a look at The Resolution Law Group.

According to the State of Maryland, The Resolution Law Group is not registered to do business in the state.

The Resolution Law Group website lists their attorneys as R. Geoffrey Broderick, Jr, Marc H. Hoffman, and Ian S. Berger. Their own website appears to state they are not licensed in Maryland. – Source

The website theresolutionlawgroup.com has only been registered since November 12, 2011 and the ownership for the domain name is hidden.

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I would suspect the people you talked to in Nevada was a call/sales center. The State of Nevada shows there is no company named The Resolution Law Group that is registered to do business in that state.

I’d asked The Resolution Law Group two very important questions.

  1. Which of their attorneys is licensed to practice law in Maryland?
  2. What is their track record of being able to get their clients the promised claims and at what cost to the consumer?

If they won’t put either of those answers in writing then I’d consider that to be a big red flag.

You are being sold a widget, evaluate it as such and proceed with inquisitive caution.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.


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32 thoughts on “Should I Believe What The Resolution Law Group Tells Me? – Larraine”

  1. Christopher Fox and Curtis Melone have both spent time in the LV call center and Fox is an employee of Resolution. He does training and management. I learned a tough lesson there especially with the “in-house attorney”.

  2. Received a phone call from a Gene Hair 866-781-0725 X302. Asking for info re; my mortgage; This is what I learned :

    – He is located in Tampa, FL and is not a lawyer

    – He is trying to determine if I qualify for the suit

    – This is not a class action suit

    – If I qualify, I will have to send a retainer to cover Admin expenses

    I asked him to send me something to explain qualification, the cost, what info he needs from me and what I may expect in return (no guarantees).

    He was very reluctant to do so and needed to check with his boss.

    End of discussion.


  3. The Resolution Law Group out of Connecticut seems to be the only valid law firm that actually has a real law suit against the banks. I spoke with them and had my attorney review the case (Federal Case # 1:12-CV-04686), and he agreed. They are not promising anything to me that has not happened, and I couldn’t be happier with them as a group. So far, the suit seems to be on track, and I am patiently waiting for the time when we start negotiating my settlement. According to my attorney, that is how this works!

  4. I just downloaded the three books. I pages through the “Debt like a pro” book and will read it this weekend. But, I still do not understand how to submit my question.

  5. i c all 2034135883,……. i am freaking out the number i have is disconnected what should i do.. has any one call the fbi yet? what should i do..

  6. This company is scam. If u talk to a man named David Friedman. It’s related to Chris
    fox and Gary. Please Google them. Biggest scam in America.
    Green credit. Green solutions. Biggest mortgage scam in America.
    Please don’t let them take ur money. Call the FBI. If u paid them.
    Please call (310) 477-6565. FBI head quarters. In LA Tell them u
    need to speak with the mortgage fraud department. And u signed up with a
    company related to Christopher fox. He is under indictment
    right now. Geoffrey Broderick. Ian Berger. And mark Hoffman
    are 3 lawyers that should be disbarred For lying and taking innocent
    people money. Selling them dreams about keeping their home.
    Please call the FBI. I have been lied to by them.

    1. http://lansner.ocregister.com/2011/12/07/2-o-c-men-charged-in-6-million-loan-mod-scam/155193/

    2. http://oag.ca.gov/news/press-releases/attorney-general-kamala-d-harris-announces-arrests-nationwide-6-million-loan

    3. http://www.ripoffreport.com/attorneys-legal-services/kramer-and-kaslow/kramer-and-kaslow-chris-fox-an-fe5e2.htm

  7. Our names are Douglas and Laura Lacey and the Resolution Law Group located at 500 West Putman Ave, Suite 400, Greenwich, CT, 06830 represents my husband and I in a Mass Tort Complaint. The Resolution Law Group has done everything they have said they were going to do. Thank God for the Resolution Law Group in their efforts to sue our Pretender lenders/Investors “Wall Street Banksters” Our case with the Resolution Law Group has recently moved to Federal Court and is moving along as anticipated. You will not be able to follow our case originally filed in the Supreme Court due to it being re-assigned to the Federal Court System. We have full confidence we will win our case along with a free and clear title to our home also including a cash settlement.

    • I haven’t actually signed up with them yet, but have had several encouraging conversations. First, I’d like to point out that out of curiosity I checked the current docket (which they’ve given me access to to review before speaking with the attorney and decide if we want to have them represent us) and I see your name on there as a plaintiff, so that’s reassuring that this most likely isn’t the firm spamming.

      Second, although I’ve seen a lot of negative, those who’ve actually worked with them (for the most part) seem to be happy with their results thus far. I’d really like to hope this is legit, as we’re definitely on the road to losing our home in the next few months if not for a miracle. When speaking with them I’ve asked a few of the questions recommended, and the one regarding practice locations was 1- it’s in the federal courts, so although he’s not practicing in MD (my state) it’s not relevant considering the federal case.

      Please I’d appreciate any other insight anyone who has actually worked with this firm can offer. I know that there are many people out there looking to prey on those in desperate situations, but I seem to think this may be legit.

      Their site: http://www.theresolutionlawgroup.com/

      This is the link they gave me to access the case: https://iapps.courts.state.ny.us/nyscef/ViewDocument?docIndex=iZziWr/0/ilCqL8Xd7texg==

  8. I have a very high profile lawer in NY (he’s been my attorney for 5+ years) and he has prevailed on a number of judgements for me in the past. He has no association whatsoever with this group. I consulted with him prior to engaging with The Resolution Law Group. He read the complaint, did some independent legal research on the attorneys involved, etc., and advised me to move forward with this group. He said it was his legal opinion that this group will prevail and it was an opportunity to obtain a nice settlement from my bank. He said it would be cost prohibitive to hire an attorney on my own to fight the big bank that put me in a bad loan, and this structure was cost effective, made economic sense to him, and he felt confident I would prevail. That was enough for me:)

  9. Hi, The Resolution Law Group sent
    me a file and the gentleman that I’ve been e-mailing said the following “This
    amended complaint is court stamped. There’s also a case number on it”

    Info on the file they sent me is
    below and in the picture (I do not see a stamp…). I live in NJ. Is there any
    hope that this is Legitimate? Any Updates on the Resolution Law Group
    credibility? I would be going after Indy mac and Citi mortgage. Indy mac gave
    me an 80/20 no doc and Citi mortgage refinanced my 20+ equity and I feel they
    over inflated the value of my house (I should have had 15% or 20% equity after
    the refinance, but given the housing market at that time it was probably over
    inflated by that much). Then, when I went to refinance w/ IndyMac 1yr later Citi
    would not subordinate for a refinance and now I’m under water… I’ve tried to
    work something out with both Citi and IndyMac several times and I get the run
    around. All I want to do is refinance, but I can’t so now I’m left with this
    rout (If you think it will work…)

    Any help or update on this would greatly be appreciated!

    FILED: KINGS COUNTY CLERK 07/30/2012 NYSCEF DOC. NO. 3 INDEX NO. 501015/2012
    INDEX NO. 501015/2012

    NYSCEF DOC. NO. 3 INDEX NO. 501015/2012

    INDEX NO. 501015/2012

  10. I have been called several times from the group. First about a year and half ago about a law suit against banks for predatory lending with a list over 500 plaintiffs in NY. This was over a year ago. Today I received a phone call again regarding the same; I asked them what happened to the lawsuit from the previous year and was told that these things take time and that there is power in numbers. Its sounds like a SCAM!!

  11. I know a lot about the resolution law firm, I use to work for them! That place is a joke. Non lawyers giving legal advise. Please dnt pay these scam artist!!!!!!, I would love to bring them down… Disbar all lawyers for convincing the clients that they need their service and mulnipulate them into moving forward by promising false hope. In bad faith. Now for the 5000. Is that going to ach or credit card.

  12. I received a call from Making Homes Affordable recording and at the end of the message it gave me prompts to push if I was either behind on my payments or current. I selected behind and it transferred me to a voicemail for a law firm…I do not recall the name, so I left a message. About a week later a gentleman called me saying he was from the Resolution Law Group and that one of their lawyers could help us to file suit against our home thus forcing BofA to negotiate. He said that they could get rid of the second because Countrywide practiced predatory lending and that BofA didn’t want to get stuck in court for years fighting to get our home since it was now worth much less than the loan. I can not find any real information about Resolution Law Group and their ability to practice law in Georgia so I have not sent them any money or personal information. They asked for a $3000 retainer to be paid in 3 $1000 monthly payments. I am very cautious with my families’ money. I will continue to do my homework and prayerfully, I will come across a legitimate way to resolve this 3 year long ordeal with Bank of America.

  13. I also received the letter, and after calling was first ‘processed’ by a non attorney administrator.  Same stick, 5K retainer with monthly fee until resolution.  It certainly had the feel of a ‘sales pitch’ versus a legitimate legal action.  They craft the response as few people having received the letter, and fewer will be accepted into the first law suite.  They also suggest the Govt will soon be passing laws that bar future suites of this nature because they obviously cant allow the banks to fail.  They suggested I need to be qualified, and only 80% would from teh letters they mailed out.  However, the ‘qualification’ process was simply asking some questions about my current mortgage, rate, and the supposed current value as determined by the real estate site zillo.  My instincts tell me this screams scam…..

  14. hi my name is christine i also recieved that letter an was told to give 5000 that there was a law suit in kings county court the lawyer is mark hofferman iam nervous what should i do iam losing my house can i trust them i live in staten island newyork please help me thank u christine

    • The case was filed electronically, hence no court stamp on the public doc. Each office has an attorney who is registered in the state of the call center. Additionally, the firm has NEVER cold-called a single client who has not called in response to the mailer. The suit is legit and is now in Federal Court. Research the lead attorney, Phillip Berwish and see his resume. Quite impressive. Be advised that there is a separate group out the using the name “Resolution Law Group” that is NOT affiliated with the Greenwich, CT group. The call centers only take inbound calls, never calling anyone out of the blue. As you can imagine, litigation of this type is quite expensive to move forward. As part of any successful judgement, each plaintiff will have ALL of their legal fees and monthly file maintenance fees refunded before the firm takes a penny. Any one of the plaintiffs in the suit has direct access to an attorney of the firm. Complex Mass Tort Litigation is NOT class action.

  15. my name is christine and i as well as others recieved the letter to and the lawyer is mark hofferman i live in staten island new york and was told there is a docket # in kings county court my niece looked itup and could not find any such case they said i need to give them 5000 dollars to be in the lawsuit with phh mortage which also is hsbc bank i really need help iam losing myhouse but iam afraid to trust them does anyone know of this please write back thank you christine


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