Will Our UAE Creditors Chase Us Through Interpol? – Mohanj

“Dear Steve,

i and my wife felt in dept in uae and we were paying our debt monthly till government refused to renew our visa and we lost our jobs,now we backed to our country and bebt amount 120000$ behind in uae

possible to catch us in our country by interpol?
we are planning to move to malaysia ,any pny possiblity to catch us there?


Dear Mohanj,

Interpol has no time or resources to chase small civil actions and you can clearly see from their wanted list that they don’t list matters similar to yours.

At the most you might be approached by a debt collector who will attempt to intimidate and scare you into paying. But you can’t pay what you can’t afford.

In a perfect world you’ve find a new job and be able to make enough money that you’d be able to contact the banks in the UAE you owe and negotiate mutually agreeable repayment arrangements. unfortunately it’s not a perfect world, is it?

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4 thoughts on “Will Our UAE Creditors Chase Us Through Interpol? – Mohanj”

  1. thx for your reply but i saw in the website most of red alerts may not published

    what is worst situation ?

    who can file to interpol ?government or creditor?

    debt is belong to diffenent banks ,they will accumulate or count one by one ?
    thx for your help

  2. I have read one post from a guy in Australia and apparently he has got red alert from Interpol. His US visa was rejected and he was advised not to leave his country as he might be arrested. Is that so?

  3. What about travel bans? they also said you will be on a travel ban list. I was wondering if it applies to all countries are only the GCC countries? Thanks, I am in a similar situation.


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