I’m Very Concerned About the Problem Between The Debt Answer and Lloyd Ward

“Dear Steve,

2 1/2 years into 3 year program with The Debt Answer (Simon & Bosch & Lloyd Ward Law Firm). 4 settlements have been completed or in process of completion. Still have two to complete. Very concerned about this problem between Lloyd Ward Law Firm and the Debt Answer. Have been contacted by both and not sure who I should go with or cancel the program.

My question is who should we trust to complete the program – Lloyd Ward or the original company we signed with the Debt Answer to handle our settlements? Can the Debt Answer actually finish the settlements or will they have to hire yet another law firm? They (I thought Lloyd Ward) settled 4 debts but still have 2 to complete. Any help in the direction we should go, or should we cancel program, would be greatly appreciated.”

I’d love to give you a definitive answer about what to do. But based on what everyone is sharing about the situation, it’s a total mess that lacks any sort of clarity.

What we have right now are two entities that are fighting over the same clients. There is no way possible for a client to know who is telling the truth or who they are really the client of.

Truly, all of this fighting between Lloyd Regner of The Debt Answer and Lloyd Ward of Lloyd Ward & Associates should never have been fought out using the clients like children in a bitter and vindictive divorce. The only thing that has been accomplished with this is a total erosion of who might be telling the truth or have a proper claim to the clients. I just don’t know.

From what others have shared there is enough of a worry and concern over who has access to your confidential information, client funds, and who will deliver the rest of the services that it is alarming.

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I wish I had better advice but at this point I think with the uncertainty you should do the following to try and get to the bottom of the issue. We need a third-party to intercede and make a decision about who is right and actually has appropriate control over the clients, information, and funds.

  1. File a complaint with the Texas Bar over the attorney provided part of your debt settlement services.
  2. File a complaint with the Attorney General of your state over the current situation.
  3. File a complaint with your local BBB about the current situation.
  4. Contact Global Client Solutions and ask them to put in writing who exactly is authorized to access your client funds.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.


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4 thoughts on “I’m Very Concerned About the Problem Between The Debt Answer and Lloyd Ward”

  1. Im going thru the same thing with Lloyd Ward, have two more accounts to complete now this shake up going on over there.  Called Lloyd Ward offices twice this week, they told me to ignore Debt Answer calls and emails do not sign anything or give the any information.  Just concerned about my financials and who do you believe and who has access to your information?  Was I releived after talking to them, not as much as I want to be:(

  2. I am curious to know, if you are for sure certain that 4 settlements have indeed be done. IE, I know you would have had “acknowledgment” from either the TDA or LWA as have i, BUT, have you contacted the people you were previously in debt to,  to confirm this paid off status?  

    I ask this because I’ve read various people on this site say that when they did do this, the c/c companies said nothing had been paid at all to them at all and the debt was still standing.  

    I too need to call my c/c co. to do this very thing.  And I also share your concern over who is the rightful “manager” of our accounts.  I’m glad others are coming foth.


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