I Think I Have an Interpol Red Notice Out Against Me for UAE Debt

“Dear Steve,

I am on a red alert wanted by interpol due to UAE debt left 2010. The US embassy has revoked my non-immigration visa due to this. The UK police have told me that i am at risk of being arrested if i travel outside UK due to being on red alert from interpol, i have also been told the UAE have been making applications for extraditions due to debt, so far the UK courts have not granted these requests but the red alert still remains, this is due to UAE listing unpaid debts as fraud.

The debt i left was 65,000dhs outstanding on loan and 7,000dhs on credit card.

I would prefer details of this not to be posted i just wanted to provide info incase someone els is worried about interpol red alert, they are still issuing them and they can affect travel outside UAE.”

Who has told you this?

You can check to see if you are on any wanted list by visiting the Interpol site, here. Your email address appears to contain your name and I did a search using that. There were no hits.

An Interpol Red Notice or Red Alert is not an international arrest warrant. Likewise, there are no such thing as globe trotting Interpol police officers who can execute arrest warrants. Rather, the Red Notice is simply a request for the arrest and extradition of an individual for whom an arrest warrant has been issued in the requesting country.

According to the Interpol website there are only 160 people in the entire world that are wanted for banking or financial crimes.

People like:

If you are worried about an open case against you in the UAE you should contact a lawyer to represent you in the UAE and negotiate a suitable repayment plan with the creditors.

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Steve Rhode

28 thoughts on “I Think I Have an Interpol Red Notice Out Against Me for UAE Debt”

  1. hi
    I am also a victim of UAE business collapse and I had to leave back to my home country Canada,
    I was told that a red notice will be issued but I have no way to verify this, as the only red notice does not list all notices, so how can we verify if our name is listed or not?
    Is there a formal way to know?

  2. hi, i have a similar situation of debt in uae. i have cheque bounce case from suppliers in business due to losses.Red Alert notice is issued and i have a copy of the same, but i cannot find my Notice online in the interpol website. I m in india now. will i be able to go to any other country for work apart from GCC. please help

  3. Plz help me sir, my name is benson Benjamin
    I’m an Indian citizen.,I have applied for visa to AJMAN 3yrs before. But they rejected my visa due to my name is in Interpol black list. I’ve never been to UAE or any other country till date. Now I’ve got another opportunity to Dubai. So i want to know the same problem will come again or if any how can i solve this. Plz tell me🙏

  4. Dear Sir,

    I was staying in Dubai and was using credit cards from RAK bank, First Gulf bank and Mashreq Bank, Due to sudden termination of my job I had to leave Dubai without settling my outstanding amount on credit cards, I want to know if I travel to Qatar, Kuwait or Oman will I be arrested and brought to UAE for legal trail or I will be in trouble only If I enter UAE border. Please guide me.

    Mohammed Sami Ulla

    • You’ll most probably hear it from me. I am an Indian national, working in the UK. I was told about the ‘diffusion’ notice, when I applied for my US work-permit to be stamped in my passport. The work permit was however stamped. The world has become oblivious to UAE issuing notices for debt, but not all countries think that way. Detention, questioning and being pulled out of the queue are the smaller issues, and must be accepted but being put on a flight to UAE is the real risk. Right now I have a prominent human rights activist assure me that the UK might hold me for questioning but not arrest me. Extradition seems out of the question (UK has denied requests for their own citizens but whether that protection extends to me (resident) as well, I am yet to find out). My job needs me to be in the USA in October, if not I’m fired and I have nowhere to go. India (my country of citizenship) may or may not come to my rescue. I’ll hopefully give you a ball by ball coverage here. If not, you know what happened…

  5. This is how it escalates… lender -> files police complaint -> files court case -> Sentenced in absentia -> you are wanted to serve the sentence. -> Interpol notice

      • I replied here before. My comment was not published. I am therefore worried this site may have an agenda. I am head of client relations for an NGO called Detained in Dubai. We have helped many people in this exact situation. Correct, Interpol has no mandate to deal with debt matters. HOWEVER, the UAE (Interpol’s largest voluntary financial contributors – donating $53 million last year alone) reclassify the debts as fraud. Then Interpol is happy to issue the Red Notice as it has no legal obligation to verify charges once presented by the police force of a member country

        • Hi. This is Barry Ley again. I see that I was mistaken and want to delete the above comment. There doesn’t seem to be a way to do so. I have nothing but respect for Steve and this site

  6. Not finding your name on the Interpol site is not conclusive evidence of not being on Interpol’s watchlist. The notices have different levels, some are for public view and some are for law enforcement view only. I too came to know of this much to my surprise as I have a similar situation.

  7. I do have the same problem as others, i do have some debts in oman, i am an indian but now i am in another country, i’m worried if i will be arrested when i go back to india..Please advise me. and guide me

  8. Dear Steve,

    I was working in Dubai and had a debts including credit cards and personal loan. The amount total is 400k. I was in a bad condition and escape from Dubai. Last week I received a text from my employer that they will file a case against of me. I would like to know will there be any trouble if I want go any other country except GCC? I would like to get a job and pay off all the debts. Please advise me.

    • It is possible that a foreign collector might track you down and try to scare you but I’ve never heard of anyone outside of a GCC country being arrested, charged, or anything other than threatened.

      I think you’ll be fine.

      • For up to date information, we have had 1 British woman arrested in Italy for a 15,000 euro credit card debt, courtesy of a UAE bank. We have another who was arrested in Poland. He has been bailed but is awaiting to see whether the UAE will try to extradite him over a Mashrek mortgage. Interpol is still being used (abused) by UAE banks.

    • Are you an Australian? Why would you need to apply for a visa in the U.S. when you can enter without one??? Anyway, the UAE has dropped alot of the red notices for bounced checks a few months ago.

  9. I am living in Australia, trying to visit US i applied for the visa and was rejected, the US authorities told me i have Interpol Red alert notice. The advice you are giving about Interpol not getting involved is wrong. I have been told not to leave the country because I am at risk of being arrested. Not all notices are published.


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