I Refused to Pilot FlyDubai Aircraft Into a War Zone. Now They Want Money From Me in the UK.

“Dear Steve,

I recently left Dubai owing around 22000 pounds to an airline called Flydubai.

I am now in the UK and have been contacted by debt collection agencies here in the UK.

Being as the debt is from Dubai, can they legally ask me to pay them back?

The debt by the way is owed to my ex-employer in Dubai, Flydubai, who asked me to sign a bond to pay for my training with them, to fly their aircraft as a pilot. I did not take this bond in the form of money, but simply a training They now want to chase this bond money back. I left Dubai and had no choice as they asked me to fly this aircraft into War zones, please check out this – here you will see what I mean. I am an ex British Midland pilot, who has an excellent flight safety record and no incidents, you can see why I would not want to operate where explosions are taking place.

They are now after me, and despite having no job here in the UK to pay them back with at the moment, and despite repeated emails to them offering help to them, they have got CCI legal (debt collectors) to contact me demanding payment.

Please can you tell me what my legal stance is regarding payment of Dubai debts here in the UK? I thought they no right had to enforce a debt from the UAE here in the UK?”

There are a number of different issues going on here.

I think the pilot training you received had some value they will argue. The issue then becomes if there is anything that binds you to the cost of the training since you did not sign the bond they requested from you.

It’s unclear if the are trying to enforce a debt in the UK or attempt to collect an unenforceable debt in the UK.

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The best thing to do at this point would be to contact a local solicitor and ask them to review the situation and documentation for you. They may also reach out and contact the collector and attempt to get clarying information from them as well.

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