Debtpro123 Takes Our Money But They Do Not Talk to Our Creditors. – Anna

“Dear Steve,

My Husband John and are in the same situation with Debtpro 123. We signed up with them in June 2010.

We payed them almost $10,000 in fees. They told us do not talk to our creditors when they call and not to pay for any of ours bills that was listed on the contract. We were so worry about our bills, so we thought by going with Debtpro , that our worries would be over. Well as the months went by, we were getting letters from our creditors and called deptpro. They would sent us letters to sent out to our creditors, but the funny thing was their name was nowhere on the letter.

We continue to call them and asking when will they start paying for our bills, and they said the funds have to bill up, before they could start. There were times that we called and ask questions. One person will always answer, and told us the person that we want to talk , they dont to anyone on the phone. Well the next you know they are sending us e-mails. This was going on for a year or so. Then I told my husband to cancel the debtpro and ask them to return our money.

Brian taylor sent us a e-mail and said not to worry, they will sent us our refund. Months went by and nothing. Then they wanted us to sign a Cancellation StaTEMENT, just like one MaRY HAS. WE HAVE HAVE SERVE WITH COURT PAPERS FROM OUR CREDITORS AND IT HAS BEEN A VERY TERRIBLE TIME IN OUR LIVES, FINANCIALLY, MENTALLY AND PHYSICALLY. i TOLD MY HUSBAND WE HAVE BEEN SCAMMED. wE LIVE IN HAWAII, AND DID HAVE A ATTORNEY SENT THEM A LETTER TO REFUND OUR MONEY,

BACK IN jAN 2012 deptpro response to the letter and said they will return our Money. As of today we have not yet got any refund back. We have loss a lot of money on this, we are still getting a hard time, and this people had
ruin our lives.

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How come debtpro can get away with doing this to people. My attorney said that because they are in Califonia, we have to get a attorney in Ca. We have no money to do so. The company is taking money from families and are not paying the creditors. We dont know what else to do or who to turn too. We need to get our $10,000 back. With the grace of god HELPING US TO COPE WITH THE STRESS, WE DONT KNOW IF WE WOULD BE STANDING TODAY. PLEASE HELP US.


Dear Anna,

It sounds like you may have signed up with Debtpro123 at a time when they were charging advanced fees for services. In that case they would be primarily taking their advanced fees from the deposits you are making. At least the response alleged that there is no money to make settlement offers yet, seems supported by that fact.

I would suggest that to go for a refund that you consider following this process that I laid out.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.

Damon Day - Pro Debt Coach

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