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Universal Fidelity – Consumer Complaint – 7-25-2012

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Consumer Statement:

I recieved a invoice from Universal Fidelity Lp stating that I owe $2271.00 for a test that was requested by my doctor. I never had any test of this nature requested or performed by any lab called ” Aureon Labs” . I know this is a SCAM.

Consumer Action Taken:

I recieved a invoice from Universal Fidelity Lp stating that I owe $2271.00 for a test that was requested by my doctor. I never had any test of this nature requested or performed by any lab called ” Aureon Labs” . I know this is a SCAM.

Date This Problem Happened: July 13, 2012

State You Live in: Florida

Race/Ethnicity: Alaska Native

Age Range: 66+

Total Amount of Fee Paid:

Company Name: Universal Fidelity

Company Address:

P.O. Box 219785
Houston TX 77218

Company Telephone Number: 954-432-9433

Website of Company:

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  • Same thing happened to me. Biopsy samples were sent to Aureon for examination, they returned findings to doctor and billed Blue Cross for $3200. Blue Cross requested additional medical records from Aureon in order to pay the claim, but Aureon had since gone out of business and of course didn’t respond. So since Blue Cross never got the medical records, they denied the claim but failed to notify me. Apparently all Aureon outstanding balances were turned over to Fidelity for collection without any advance notice to patients. Blue Cross says they’re trying to resolve, but inquiry from Fidelity has already showed up on my credit report. What a mess, and in my view Blue Cross is just as responsible as Aureon for the mixup.

    • Cafepharma has a lot of information on this under “is Aureon closed for good?”  Run this question as a search and you will find these postings.  File a complaint with the Better Business Bureau (cando on line) against Universal Fidelity, and Universal Fidelity will close your collection account and send it back to Aureon Inc as disputed.  At least that’s what just happened for us.  Did you send your debt validation letter to challenge the debt?

      • Yes, I ran across the Cafepharma site right after I initially posted here, sent the certified letter to Universal Fidelity to challenge the debt, it was received by them but no response.  But I also filed the BBB complaint last week, and had the same result you noted — got an immediate response from Universal Fidelity the next day, collection account was closed and sent back to “the client” as disputed, they promised no further contact.  Not really sure who the client is, since Aureon is out of business, but they didn’t disclose who the client was.  I’ve also provided my insurance company, Blue Cross, with copies of lab results to document work was done, made it clear I never authorized Aureon to perform the work (they were an out-of-network provider), and asked them to resolve the claim they originally got from Aureon.  Hope this all works out and I can put this behind me — enough to worry about with trying to beat the cancer!

    • BCBS tolds me that Aureon provided them with an incorrect procedure code for lab work performed (biopsy) on the EOB and then asked them to send a more specific lab code. They never did so I am not responsible for paying this. The only thing I am going to do is dispute it with the three major credit companies to make sure they didn’t submit it as a default and have it lower my credit ratings.

  • I also received a bill for $1819.40 from Universal Fidelity for tested performed by Aureon Labs (a now defunct company) My tests were performed in June of 2010. The original fee was $3200. BCBS paid $1380.60, and the balance was forgiven by Aureon. The doctor’s office was told by Aureon there would be no costs passed on to the patient so they could get established in the area. What gives??? 

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